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AI Robot Kit 2023 Overall upgrade: Elephant Robotics aims for Robotics Education and Research


In 2021, Elephant Robotics launch AI Kits. This is a robot kit which integrates multiple functions including vision, jockeying for positions, and automated sorting modules. For people new to robotics, AI Kits is the preferred tool for learning machine vision knowledge and AI knowledge.

With the continuous advancement of technology, Elephant Robotics have upgraded AI Kits comprehensively, improving hardware quality while optimizing built-in algorithms and software to make products more extensible and scalable.

Machine vision is a technology that uses a machine to replace the human eye for recognition, assessment, and measurement of target objects. Machine vision simulates the function of human vision by computers, and its main technology involves target image acquisition technology, image information processing technology, and target object measurement and recognition technology.

Typical machine vision system mainly consists of a visual perception unit, an image information processing and recognition unit, a processing result display unit, and a vision system control unit.

Here we introduce what Elephant Robotics achieve in this enhanced AI Kit 2023.

Textbook and tutorial for robotics

To provide comprehensive support for experimental and practical teaching, Elephant Robotics launched a textbook on machine vision programming and control. This book provides knowledge about robotic arms, vision sensors, programming languages, etc. This is the perfect solution for K-12 education, educational institutions, and colleges. With the help of tutorials and textbooks, students will enjoy robotics through learning experiences with operations that are easier to use AI 2023 Kits. And Elephant Robotics will be launching tutorials on programming AI Kit 2023 on YouTube and Hackster continuously.

5 built-in mainstream algorithms

AI 2023 Kits using eye-to-hand mode, can achieve color localization with OpenCV, and framing colored objects, and calculating the position of the object’s spatial coordinates relative to the robot’s arm with the positions of the relevant points. By algorithm, the robotic arm turns on AI 2023 Kits will automatically recognize color object and classify into the appropriate bins.

Arco Code widely used to increase the amount of information mapped from the two-dimensional world to three-dimensional time. Elephant Robotics has added recognition algorithm to AI 2023 Kits to support recognition of 4 different codes. It helps users to learn related recognition algorithms and positioning applications.

Feature point refers to the ability to represent an image or target in an invariant form that is identical or very similar in other similar images containing the same scene or target. The feature point is determined by examining the difference between the pixel point and 16 pixel points in the surrounding field, and the detection efficiency is greatly improved by the segmentation test algorithm.

Algorithm from AI 2023 Kits helps users understand image feature points, learn image segmentation, and store image features.

You Only See Once (YOLO) is a very popular architectural model and object detection algorithm. Elephant Robotics built this algorithm with the latest version in AI Kit 2023, viz YOLOv5. YOLOv5 makes further improvements based on the YOLOv4 algorithm, and detection capabilities including speed and accuracy are further improved. With YOLOv5, users can have a deeper understanding of artificial intelligence, such as the concepts and functions of neural networks and deep learning.

Shape recognition object is an important direction of pattern recognition. There are various representations of object shapes in computers. Based on different shapes, various shape recognition methods have been proposed, such as methods based on Fourier descriptors, principal component analysis, and distance invariants. In shape recognition, it is very important to identify the pattern features on which the recognition is based.

Hardware upgrades

In terms of hardware, AI 2023 Kits added various sizes of parts boxes to help the robot arm better classify objects. Second, AI 2023 Kits using cameras with higher accuracy and light adjustments to make the robot arm more efficient at recognition. Elephant Robotics also has upgraded the suction pump installed at the end of the robotic arm, so that it has higher adaptability and stability when working with different robotic arms.

Software update

Elephant Robotics develops built-in visualization software and provides deep customization methods AI 2023 Kits. In this software, users can directly select various algorithms to perform various functions and change coordinates. The visual interface helps users quickly identify, access, and manipulate data, and allows interaction and manipulation in a variety of ways. AI 2023 Kits now it is more user friendly, every newbie who is new in programming or has no knowledge of code can also use it with few clicks.

Also, Elephant Robotics improve adaptation of AI 2023 Kits to allow it to be paired with six robot arms, including the M5Stack and RaspberryPi versions myCobot 280, myPalletizer 260And mechanism 270.

Lots educational institutions And College already adopted AI 2023 Kits as an educational tool for professional or laboratory use, enabling students to learn to better understand artificial intelligence, robot programming, and automation. Elephant Robotics focuses on developing more and better robotics solutions and kits to provide more comprehensive conditions for the technology and education industries and deepen the application of robotics in education and research.

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