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French National Quantum Update: March 2023

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The French quantum ecosystem continues to show signs of growth and maturity. The startups that make up this community are gaining recognition not only within the European business and technology community, but are also gaining international interest. Welinq, which has just emerged, has been awarded prize-winning in global deep technology challenges. Nationally, France is leading efforts to link this ecosystem with global collaboration, signing cooperation agreements with the US and UK


Government Releases First Annual Report

The French government releases its first annual report in support of its National Quantum Strategy. That strategy own quickly enter his operational phase. He depend on That excellence of the national quantum research ecosystem to support both fundamental research And applicationoriented project.

France, UK to Form Joint Committee on Science, Technology and Innovation

To enhance their scientific cooperation in priority areas such as new technologies (AI, Quantum Physics), outer space, health or climate change, France and the UK will establish a Joint Committee on science, technology and innovation for high-level scientific dialogue , building on existing relationships and ongoing collaborations, with the first dialogue set to take place in 2023.


PASQAL Launches First Atom Neutral Quantum Computing Exploration Platform

PASQAL announces the launch of Quantum Discovery, the first neutral atom quantum computing exploration platform. This program enables users to build their understanding of quantum computing, find real-world applications for neutral atomic quantum computing, and explore how their business can benefit.

Welinq Among the Winners of the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge Startup Competition

Welinq, a French quantum technology startup, was one of the winners of the immersive technology in the Global Challenge, an international pilot competition organized by Hello Tomorrow. The competition, which selected 11 winners out of 70 finalists from around the world, was designed to meet the needs of early-stage tech startups across all industries.

OVHcloud buys First Quantum Quantum Computer to Drive Innovation in Quantum cosystems

OVHcloud, the European cloud leader, is further asserting its ambition and support for the growing quantum computing ecosystem with the purchase of its first quantum-powered machine to kick-start new efforts in research and development. Designed by the French company Quandela, the MosaiQ computer is powered by a photonic processor.

Bpifrance: Inside the Machine that Powers French Tech’s Rise

Understanding how Bpifrance is spending €67 billion in 2022 to fund innovation can be daunting. But its role in boosting quantum computing startup PASQAL shows the breadth of its support.

The Rise of Quantum Technology in France

With a €1.8 billion strategic plan dedicated to quantum technology, France has made quantum one of its priorities. The entire ecosystem is built with startups, VC funds and large companies involved in various aspects of quantum technology.

Alice & Bob Select Quantum Machine for Advanced Quantum Control Platform

France-based Alice & Bob, a cutting-edge quantum computer vendor with a mission to develop an error-free universal quantum computer, has selected its advanced quantum control platform Quantum Machine, OPX+, to power their advanced quantum computer.


Quantum Computers Using ‘Cat Qubits’ Might Make Fewer Mistakes

Researchers in France discovered that so-called “cat qubits” (quantum bits) can reduce errors by quantum computers and speed up cracking of common encryption algorithms.

An Open Source Variation Quantum Eigen Solver Extension of Quantum Learning Machines for Quantum Chemistry

The research team introduces the open-source QC package OpenVQE which provides tools to use and develop chemically inspired adaptive methods derived from unitary coupled clusters (UCC). It facilitates development and testing of VQE algorithms and can use Atos Quantum Learning Machine (QLM), a general quantum programming framework that makes it possible to write/optimize/simulate quantum computing programs.


Quantum Topics Among the Winners of My Thesis in 180 Seconds

“Computational Power and Structure of Linear Optical Quantum Computing” became one of the winners of the contest My Thesis in 180 Seconds at the Universite of Paris-Saclay on 15 March. Nicolas Heurtel presented this thesis at the contest.


CPHT Condensed Matter Seminar Held

A researcher at the Center de Physique Theorique discusses selected applications of holographic duality (AdS/CFT, gauge/gravity duality) in highly correlated systems, particularly the description of odd metals. The talk serves as an extensive review of holographic odd metal but also covers some of the latest original results. The seminar was held on March 14th.

National Quantum Strategy Day

National Quantum Strategy Day is held on March 30. The event was part of “France 2030” and was attended by ministers Sylvie Retailleau, Jean-Noël Barrot and Olivier BECHT, in the presence of Bruno Bonnell, Neil Abroug and Alain Aspect.

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