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Horizon Quantum Computing Receives $18.1 Million USD in Series A Funding


Horizon Quantum Computing is a Singapore-based quantum software company that develops software to enable users to take programs written in classical computer languages ​​and compile and convert them to run them efficiently on a quantum computer. They have the very unique goal of enabling a much larger user base to gain a quantum performance advantage without having to learn quantum mechanics or a new programming language. Investors in this round include Sequoia Capital India, Tencent, SGInnovate, Pappas Capital and Expeditions Fund. This funding brings the total amount of capital raised to $21.3 million including the previous Seed and Seed+ rounds. The funds will be used to build a new engineering center in Dublin, Ireland as well as to launch a early access program for its software which is slated for later this year. Additional information about funding is available in a press release posted on the Horizon website Here. Additionally, a nice presentation made at Q2B by CEO Joe Fitzsimons providing additional technical details on their approach has been posted on YouTube. Here.

March 31, 2023


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