Ukrainian Cyber ​​Police Break Up Phishing Gang Responsible for $4.33 Million Fraud


March 31, 2023Ravie LakshmananCyber ​​Crime / Hacking News

Phishing Gang

The Ukrainian Cyber ​​Police, in cooperation with law enforcement officers from the Czech Republic, have arrested several members of a gang of cybercriminals who created a phishing site to target European users.

Two of the affiliates arrested are believed to be organisers, with another 10 being detained in other regions across the European Union.

The suspects are alleged to have created more than 100 phishing portals aimed at users in France, Spain, Poland, Czech, Portugal and other countries in the region.

These websites masquerade as online portals offering heavily discounted products below market rates to lure unsuspecting users into placing bogus “orders”.

In fact, the financial information entered on the website to complete the payment is used to siphon money from the victim’s account.


“For the fraudulent scheme, participants also created two call centers, in Vinnytsia and in Lviv, and involved operators in their work,” said Cyber ​​Police. said. “Their role is to convince the customer to make a purchase.”


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This nefarious scheme is estimated to have deceived over 1,000 people, generating illegal profits for the operators of approximately $4.33 million.

As part of their investigation, law enforcement officials conducted more than 30 searches and seized cell phones, SIM cards and computer equipment used to carry out the activity.

Criminal proceedings have been initiated against the perpetrators, who can face a maximum sentence of up to 12 years in prison.

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