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Alice & Bob Choose Quantum Machine OPX+ Quantum Control Platform

Alice & Bob is a French quantum processor startup pursuing superconductor-based quantum computers that use a different type of qubit called cat qubits. The potential advantage of this approach is that it might eliminate one type of error common in quantum computers called Bit Flip. Although there is still a second type of error called Phase Flip, if the design does not have to worry about Bit Flips, the design can simplify quantum error correction algorithms and significantly reduce the number of physical qubits to form a single logical qubit. To control the qubit, Alice & Bob’s computer needs electronics to form pulses that control the qubit and process quantum error correction and error mitigation in real time. Here it is OPX+ Quantum Machine incoming quantum control platform. It will generate the necessary control signal waveforms, derive measurements from the qubits, provide real-time classical processing, and and manage computer control flow. More information about Alice & Bob’s selection of the Quantum Machine platform for their quantum control solution can be found in the press release located here Here.

March 29, 2023


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