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Chinese Organization Forms Quantum Computer Patent Alliance


China is forming alliances on its portfolio of quantum computing patents, according to reports from Asian media.

A group of China-based organizations created the Intellectual Property (IP) Alliance for the Quantum Computing Industry and its affiliated patent group in Beijing. The alliance aims to unify China’s quantum computing resources and “advance its development, standardization and industrialization.”

Baidu, Beijing Academy of Quantum Information Sciences (BAQIS) and other innovative entities initiated the alliance. The report indicates there are eight members of the alliance in total and includes companies and institutions working on quantum hardware, software and applications in the quantum computing sector.

The People’s Daily reports that the patent pool will primarily focus on seven quantum areas including measurement and control, security and encryption, architecture and software, quantum error correction (QEC) and algorithms.

Apart from pooling resources, the alliance will drive standards and promote technology innovation and development.

The Quantum Insider recently released a report on quantum technology in China. The report shows that the country, a leader in quantum research and development, has invested between $4 billion and $17 billion in quantum technology.

This report is free for premium subscribers of the TQI intelligence platform and is available for preview and standalone purchase in the quantum reports section.


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