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Increased Funding Concerns About Valuation

Quantum Insider announced that it is publishing TQI’s Q1 2023 quarterly report, which covers the entire quantum industry and highlights commercial and government investments.

Given a series of global economic woes, the quantum community enters the first quarter of the new year with considerable anxiety. Predictions are leaning towards a much quieter first quarter compared to previous rocket ship openings in 2021 and 2022.

Contrary to this well-founded speculation, the quantum industry boomed in the first quarter. Private funding for quantum startups remains strong and government interest and funding is, arguably, heating up. It’s not all good news. Compressing valuations and the threat of delisting put a damper on the excitement in Q1.

Research news also points to steady important scientific advances.

Highlights for this quarterly report include:

  • Just under $500 million raised to date in 2023
  • The national government is doubling the quantum — including £2.5 billion from the British government.
  • China is attracting global attention for its quantum ambitions.

For more news and insights, you can access TQI’s quarterly report here.

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