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IQM Academy

In an effort to educate and prepare the next generation of quantum workers, IQM Quantum Computers (IQM) has launched a free online quantum training course, “IQM Academy”, which will educate and prepare talents for the development of the quantum workforce.

Students, educators and hobbyists interested in quantum computing can learn the basics through this course.

With a quantum computer in place, IQM provides complete access to its hardware to supercomputing laboratories and centers. A Finnish company, IQM is a leader in the field of quantum computers in Europe. IQM has grown to 190+ employees since its inception in 2018 and has established subsidiaries in Munich (Germany), Madrid (Spain) and Paris (France).

Announced in a press release on March 22nd, IQM Academy participants will not need any previous quantum computing experience to get started — participants will learn about quantum computing, its algorithms, and applications. As well as being exploratory, informative, and highly interactive, the modules are also fun.

In a recent video, Stefan SegererEducation Leads at IQM, talk to us through the IQM Academy with one simple question:

Have you ever wondered what quantum computing really is? Now is your chance.”

“At IQM we are dedicated to advancing the field of quantum computing. Quantum Computing has the potential to change the industry. To empower people and organizations to be quantum-ready. We launched the IQM Academy,” said Seegerer, who has worked at IQM since 2021.

Seegerer went on to say that the company is committed to helping people learn about quantum computing through the IQM Academy, as its pool of resources helps those interested in learning about and exploring the world of quantum computing through interactive curricula and resources such as cheat sheets, blog posts and challenges.

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