IQM Quantum Computers Announces Global Expansion Into Asia-Pacific Region, Opens Singapore Office


IQM Quantum Computers (IQM), the European leader in building quantum computers, today announced the expansion of its global operations into Asia-Pacific (APAC) with the opening of an office in Singapore, the first in the region and outside Europe, to drive the advancement of quantum technology.

Left to right: Raghunath Koduvayur, Head of Asia-Pacific Business and Sylwia Barthel de Weydenthal, Head of Marketing and Communications. Image Credit: Business Wire

​​​​​​​With the strategic combination of Singapore talent, world-class research, dynamic technology transfer, and well positioned to be quantum ready, IQM aims to establish public-private collaboration with the quantum ecosystem to explore applications and accelerate research, development , and quantum hardware education.

Jan Goetz, CEO and co-founder of IQM Quantum Computers, said: “Our presence in Asia aligns with our commitment to building the world’s leading quantum computer for the well-being of humanity, now and in the future, and we are confident that this new office will play an important role in helping drive the development of the quantum community in Singapore and beyond.”

“Additionally, we will tap into tremendous local talent, and we are excited to bring our technical track record and world-class expertise to the region, and our regional teams will play a key role in expanding our global development. We look forward to partnering with important players in the value chain as we continue to push the boundaries of the ecosystem.” Goetz added.

Singapore marks IQM’s fifth office, with headquarters in Espoo, Finland, and other offices in Munich, Madrid and Paris. The office opening paves the way for new employee recruitment in the coming months.

New Promise:

As part of the expansion, Raghunath Koduvayur, formerly Head of Marketing and Communications, has been appointed Head of Asia-Pacific Business, while Sylwia Barthel de Weydenthal has been appointed as the new Head of Marketing and Communications for IQM.

Our brand presence has grown rapidly, and Koduvayur has played a key role in leading that global effort. I am delighted that he will continue to be on the management team and lead our APAC operations, bringing his sales and resource management expertise to the region. Likewise, at Barthel de Weydenthal, we have acquired an executive with extensive leadership experience at companies such as Coca-Cola, Heineken, Danone, and most recently, Meta. I am confident that this experience will help us achieve our goals and stay at the forefront of the industry.” said Goetz.

“The launch of our Singapore office underscores our commitment to the APAC region and aspirations to build a global business. As we continue to grow, I am excited to leverage our extensive market expertise to drive our business forward and foster mutual relationships with all of our stakeholders.” said Koduvayur in a speech to government representatives, academics and solution providers who are leading the charge towards quantum excellence at the Quantum.Tech APAC Summit in Singapore today.

Koduvayur noted that IQM is ready to play an important role and other efforts as part of the Quantum Engineering Program (QEP) are necessary for Singapore to capitalize on the opportunities provided by the consistent investment made by the country in quantum technology research during the course. two decades and the establishment of three national quantum initiatives (National Quantum Computing Hub, National Quantum Fabless Foundry, and National Quantum-Safe Network).

IQM, founded in 2018, has the only private quantum fabrication facility in Europe and has assembled Europe’s largest team of quantum experts.



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