6-Axis Photonics Alignment System based on Air Cushion


Auburn, MA – PI USA, a premium supplier of precision motion and air cushion systems for alignment, precision motion, metrology, and automation applications, offers new 6-axis photonic alignment system.

The low profile 6DOF photonic alignment platform enables the highest precision alignment and inspection applications, while providing significantly higher throughput than traditional motorized alignment stages. Based on a direct-drive architecture with completely friction-free bearings and a high-speed alignment algorithm based on the latest firmware, the F-716 system is ideal for high-volume production-scale testing.

​​​​​​​​​​​​Alignment Controller with On-Board Ultra-Fast Scan and Align Algorithms

The ACS-based motion controller with a novel, embedded alignment algorithm is at the heart of the new photonic alignment system. The controller features ultra-fast scan and alignment routines, including meandering and circular scans, and fast uphill gradient search. The embedded sync routine provides higher performance because no communication with the external host computer is required. Advanced photonic alignment systems can handle quasi-Gaussian profiles, top-hat profiles and other typical optical power distributions.

Why Use Air Cushion Stages?

Air bearing stages use air bearings instead of traditional, roller or contact ball bearings, eliminating friction, the need for lubrication, and allowing smooth, controlled motion with exceptional guiding accuracy. The lack of friction and lubrication also makes air cushion based motion and positioning systems suitable for cleanroom applications.

About PI

PI is a global leader in photonic alignment, precision motion control, nanoposition stages and automation subsystems. Technologies include hexapods, air cushions, and piezo drives. The company was founded 5 decades ago and today employs over 1500 people in more than 20 locations worldwide with manufacturing sites in the United States, Europe and Asia. PI’s customers are leaders in the high-tech industry and research institutions in fields such as photonics, life sciences, semiconductors and aerospace.


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