iNtRON Biotechnology uses the microbiome to control cancer

iNtRON Biotechnology has announced that they have demonstrated the effectiveness of P18-BE3CRC using a cancer organoid model.

P18-BE3CRC is a drug candidate from the technology platform PHAGERIA iNtRON Biotechnology, namely for the development and commercialization of bacteriophage-based drugs (Phageome API) for cancer control.

Bacteriophages have been used for R&D in bacterial infectious diseases, but recently the scope of application of bacteriophages has been extended to the anti-cancer field by companies.

The first type of cancer targeted by PHAGERIA technology is colorectal cancer (CRC).

Globally, CRC is especially prevalent in people in their 50s and older. In Korea, 89.3% of CRC patients are in their 50s or older, and the number of CRC patients for both sexes is increasing every year.

Recently, attention has been drawn to the possibility that the microbiome in the colon may be a major cause of colorectal cancer. This has led to microbiome research related to colorectal cancer. The reason for this interest is the hope that effective control of the microbiome in the colon can not only prevent cancer, but also prevent recurrence or metastases after surgery.

iNtRON Biotechnology first drug concept

Among various microbiomes, iNtRON Biotechnology pays attention to enterotoxigenicity Bacteroides fragilis (ETBF) and pks+E. coli, which secrete toxins such as Bacteroides fragilis toxin (BFT) and colibactin. iNtRON Biotechnology is working to develop a first concept drug to control the microbiome via the phageome.

iNtRON Biotechnology says that the microbiome is intimately linked to the onset and development of colorectal cancer.

To verify the cancer control effect of the PHAGERIA candidate, a culture method for organoids derived from healthy human colon tissue was established, and induced tumorigenesis by treating them with ETBF and pks+ E. coli. The company says that administering the PHAGERIA candidate significantly inhibits tumorigenesis. Thus, if the cancer-causing microbiome can be maintained at low levels in the body, it may be possible to prevent cancer recurrence or metastasis, increasing the utility of PHAGERIA (phageome) as a novel cancer control mechanism.

Son Ji-soo, head of the BD Department at iNtRON Biotechnology said: “We are continuously improving the PHAGERIA candidate materials and related platform technologies by using backward/forward genetic engineering techniques to improve performance and effectiveness.”

Yoon Kyung-won, CEO of iNtRON Biotechnology said: “We will accelerate advanced research and development through partnerships with global companies. We plan to develop a new Phageome drug via the PHAGERIA platform technology that will become an easy-to-take oral capsule, and we will accelerate its development by collaborating with global partners.”

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