ESET Research Podcast: Ransomware dumping data, Android threats spike in Q3 2022


And that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the trends that are defining the cyberthreat landscape in the final four months of 2022.

Data from the latest ESET Threat Report, which provides an in-depth look at the threat landscape from September to December 2022, confirms several previously observed trends. The key is continued decline in all but one of the malware categories it monitors.

Surprisingly enough, however, the decline in overall numbers in Q2 and Q3 2022 did not match the year-over-year numbers, which show growth in several areas, including downloaders and email threats.

The only category that has seen an increase in numbers over the year is Android threats. In Q3 2022, Android malware activity shifted to a higher level, increasing by 57%. We also take a look at some interesting Android spyware variants used by criminals and APTs.

In contrast, ransomware detection in ESET’s telemetry has remained stable in the past four months, but shows an alarming trend toward becoming more destructive. This is true in large part because the Russia-aligned APT group is releasing data-destroying ransomware variants in Ukraine and its allies. However, there have also been cases where Russian organizations and their data have been exposed.

If you want to dig deeper into these topics but don’t want to read the full 49 page ESET T3 2022 Threat Report, listen to this episode of ESET Research Podcasts hosted by ESET Distinguished Researcher Aryeh Goretsky and his guest, ESET Security Awareness Specialist and report co-author, Ondrej Kubovic.

For the full experience, head here:
ESET T3 Threat Report 2022
ESET APT T3 Activity Report 2022


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