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Crypto Expo Asia Announces Partnerships with Asia Blockchain Association, Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance, Indonesian Blockchain Association, Singapore Fintech Association, and More


  • New speakers include representatives from Cake DeFi, Mantle Network by BitDAO, and more
  • The 2023 edition marks the debut of the Web3 Expo Asia forum to advance the NFT and metaverse discourse

SINGAPORE, April 11, 2023 Crypto Expo Asiaone of the region’s leading crypto conferences and exhibitions, today announced a partnership with Asian Blockchain Association (ABA), Asian Blockchain Game Alliance (ABGA), Indonesian Blockchain Association (ABI), Singapore Fintech Association (SFA), And University of Singapore Social Sciences Node for Inclusive FinTech Blockchain Security Alliance (SUSS NiFT) to support collaboration with leading industry groups and offer preferential rates to association members. The second edition of Crypto Expo Asia will take place from June 7 – 8 at the iconic Marina Bay Sands Expo in Singapore.

The event also unveiled a new line-up of keynote speakers, including Hayden Hughes, Co-Founder and CEO of Alpha Impact; Sidney Macdessi, Head of Institutional Sales at DeF cakeI; Peter Sumer, COO of BITmarket; Igneus Terrenus, Head of Communications & Business Development at The Mantle Network by BitDAO; Giulio Xiloyannis, CEO of Pixelmon; Chen Zhuling, CEO and Founder RockX; Pradeep Goel, Founder & CEO of Solve. Care; renowned blockchain strategist and thought leader, Andy Lian; and much more.

Media partners for the event include: Cointelegraph, imbecile, CoinCo, Chain Discussion, Yours FinanceAnd U. Today.

(Left – Right) Hayden Hughes, Co-Founder and CEO of Alpha Impact; Sidney Macdessi, Head of Institutional Sales at Cake DeFi; Igneus Terrenus, Head of Communications & Business Development at Mantle Network by

bitDAO; Giulio Xiloyannis, CEO of Pixelmon; Chen Zhuling, CEO and Founder of RockX; Pradeep Goel, Founder & CEO of Solve.Care; blockchain strategist, Andy Lian

Michael Xuan, Director, Crypto Expo Asia, said: “Amid calls for greater regulatory oversight around crypto, it is clear that now is the time for open dialogue between companies, developers, investors, and governments, to chart a path forward. Like all recent developments, intra-industry collaboration is essential to moving the entire blockchain and crypto ecosystem forward, ensuring it develops sustainably and responsibly without hindering innovation.”

Speakers and panelists at Crypto Expo Asia will discuss key trends shaping the global Web3 and crypto industry, including artificial intelligence, central bank digital currency (CBDC), Web3 regulation, blockchain gaming, and what this ultimately means for industries that have been under scrutiny. . and seismic changes over the last few months.

“With more businesses trying to navigate the metaverse, we are excited to announce the confirmation Web3 Expo Asia Summit, a sub-event under the auspices of Crypto Expo Asia. This first Summit will introduce pilot sessions for metaverse and NFT-specific panels and discussions,” added Michael.

Shawn Tham, Co-Chair, Asian Blockchain Association, said: “Recent industry trials have shown how important it is for the community to engage in productive discourse, and conferences such as Crypto Expo Asia provide a platform for discussion. Fostering conversation and facilitating solutions to the industry’s most pressing problems is part of ABA’s raison d’être, and we look forward to the ideas and solutions that will emerge from this year’s conference.”

Ahead of what will be the definitive return to one of Asia’s most exciting crypto industry events, Crypto Expo Asia has seen major crypto players including ABX, BEOSIN, BITmarket, Coin shopAnd PurpleFi pledged their support for the event.

Organized by international exhibition and conference companies, HQMENACrypto Expo Asia is the second crypto-focused event from the HQMENA calendar, following its highly successful second round Crypto Expo DubaiI which took place from 8 – 9 March 2023. This year’s Crypto Expo Dubai attracted over 4,000 attendees and welcomed representatives from Blockchain Founders Fund, Chain analysis, liaisonand much more.

Interested sponsors, partners and speakers for Crypto Expo Asia are encouraged to visit the website for more information:

About Crypto Expo Asia

Crypto Expo Asia is the premier event for the global crypto ecosystem in Asia, creating an integral platform for the industry to connect and exchange ideas. Participants gain valuable insight into the global crypto ecosystem and are given the opportunity to exchange ideas with established thought leaders.

Topics covered included the future of the blockchain-based economy and its possible impact on industry and society, while participants were the first to know about market movements, partnerships and product launches. Crypto Expo Asia is the unrivaled global meeting place for like-minded entrepreneurs, industry insiders and investors.

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