Rocking the Sheetmetal Industry

Conventional sheet metal manufacturing is highly inefficient for the low volume production seen in the aerospace industry. At Machina Labs, they developed a new method for forming sheet metal using two robotic arms to bend metal into different geometries. This method shortens the time to manufacture large sheet metal parts from several months to several hours. Ed Mehr, Co-Founder and CEO of Machina Labs, explains this revolutionary manufacturing process.

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Ed Mehr in Work Uniform

Ed Mehr is the co-founder and CEO of Machina Labs. He has an engineering background in intelligent manufacturing and artificial intelligence. In his previous position at Relativity Space, he led a team tasked with developing the world’s largest metal 3D printer. Relativity Space uses 3D printing to create rocket parts quickly, and with the flexibility for multiple iterations. Ed was previously CTO at Cloudwear (now Averon), and has also worked at SpaceX, Google, and Microsoft.


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