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TemDAO World Heritage Project Supports the Cultural Sector through Democracy-Fired Donations

Tokyo, Japan, April 11, 2023, Chainwire

TemDAO is a world heritage project that seeks to protect and preserve cultural assets through donations and democracy. This project, backed by the $TEM token, ensures the long-term sustainability of global cultural sites.

More recently, TemDAO has made important donations to conservation efforts in Ukraine, Turkey and other regions around the world. This action aims to help communities preserve their existence and their global heritage.

The team underlined the importance of recognizing the importance of preserving the world’s shared cultural history. TemDAO aims to positively impact global culture through its unique strategies and solutions.

Team Strategy for the Protection of World Heritage and Cultural Assets

TemDAO has an innovative strategy for protecting world heritage and cultural assets. This project intends to empower individuals and organizations to stimulate projects that conserve this important resource.

As a current initiative, the TemDAO team is working with Ninna-ji temple, a temple in Kyoto, Japan.

There are many temples in Kyoto, but they have aging problems and need to be repaired or rebuilt. Ninna-ji Temple and TemDAO are working together to try to reconstruct the temple through donations.

The project relies on transparent transactions where all expenses are recorded on-chain, making corruption impossible and making it possible to offer specific utilities to collaborators who agree with their goals.

The proposed utility is the right to live in a special part of the temple. The room has important historical significance, where an old emperor used to live. Isn’t it historic to be able to stay in the same room and experience the same feelings?

TemDAO is exploring the possibility of connecting the world of Buddhism in Ninna-ji Temple with their DAO reality to achieve the sustainable protection and restoration of Ninna-ji Temple.

Democracy Fueled System and $TEM Token

TemDAO is a platform that leverages blockchain technology to facilitate the protection and maintenance of global heritage sites. It features two forms of democratic governance: off-chain voting, known as ‘soft’ governance, and on-chain voting.

The $TEM token serves as fuel for this system, with various use cases:

  1. This allows the holder to lock up $TEM. Operations enable communities to organize fundraising proposals and decide on fund allocations.
  2. This allows the community to pay commission fees for IP-NFT trades.
  3. Staking $TEM creates pools for fundraising and project review.
  4. Depositing $TEM allows users to become project review nodes while preventing cheating.

The $TEM token distribution aims to provide incentives to all stakeholders in a democratic manner. In particular, most of the tokens (62%) go to the ecosystem. This includes participation in World Heritage or cultural asset protection and funds for equipment and repairs.

In addition, 14% tokens help the team boost their marketing efforts. The same quantity (14%) is used to develop the platform and its supporting services. The remaining 10% is in the hands of TemDAO stakeholders, such as the team, investors, potential employees and strategic partners.

TemDAO’s decentralized governance mechanism preserves world history by balancing token utility and fund allocation.

The Project’s Recent Contribution to World Heritage Preservation

The TEM project team recently donated to several organizations to support people and communities impacted by global events. All of these donations are made from $TEM profits.

Specifically, they have donated funds to help Ukraine after the 2022 Russian invasion. The team donated to relief efforts after an earthquake hit Turkey in February 2023. The team has contributed to NPOs and NGOs such as “Save the Children,” “Binance Charity,” and others through this donation.

The project’s mission is to ensure that world heritage is preserved and protected. In such a context, donations are a direct way to contribute to this cause. The project team is committed to ensuring their donations are put to good use.

About TemDAO

TemDAO is a world heritage protection and development DAO accelerator. The project provides a large ecosystem of resources and support to fund, manage and develop cultural properties around the world.

TemDAO uses a decentralized democratic governance system powered by the $TEM token. This approach preserves and maintains world heritage sites through off-chain and on-chain voting processes and more.

Team recently partner with Giving Block, a popular name in the crypto charity world. The Giving Block has gradually built a reputation as a go-to platform for non-profits wishing to accept cryptocurrency donations. This partnership is a great opportunity for TemDAO to enhance its mission to protect valuable world heritage sites and accelerate fundraising efforts.

Recent project donations are going in the same direction, providing assistance and support to communities affected by the global crisis. In doing so, TemDAO ensures the preservation of the world’s heritage for future generations.

the TemDAO website and the social media pages below providing more information about the platform, its features, and how it works.

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