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Keiji Inafune and Seiichi Ishii with Minnapad for New Web3 Project

Singapore, Singapore, April 12, 2023, Chainwire

Renowned Developers of Iconic Game Franchise, Mega Man and Tekken to Serve as Prime DAO of Legends Partner with Their Original IP, BEASTROID and BRAIN FIGHTER, on New Platforms

Minnapad, a make-to-earn DAO launchpad and NFT marketplace providing access to top Japanese content creators, announced the first two DAOs in a series planned for this year. The first kick-off will partner with two game creators, allowing fans to collaboratively create legendary DAO projects and own exciting new IPs from their respective heroes. The first DAO will partner with Keiji Inafune, and debut the new BEASTROID IP in video games, comics, anime, and physical media, in addition to NFT collectibles. Minnapad would later launch BRAIN FIGHTER, an IP with brainwave controlled warriors, with Seiichi Ishii who pioneered the 3D fighting game genre through his work on Tekken and Virtua Fighter. Both are slated for Q2 2023.

Mr. Inafune is best known for giving the Mega Man franchise its distinctive visual style and producing several titles during his tenure at Capcom. Mr. Inafune is leveraging his passion for creating new IPs to support his new project. DAO Mr. Inafune aims to offer original characters built around an exciting post-apocalyptic world where humans struggle to survive. Mechanical animal beings called “BEASTROID” are humanity’s only hope for reaching a safe haven called Heaven. Minnapad and Mr. Inafune has partnered to revive the initial BEASTROID NFT collection, inviting existing holders to the DAO membership presale and providing utility in the Minnapad ecosystem in the near future. More information about the presale will be shared soon.


BEASTROID concept art


“Minnapad is doing something new with Japanese content, bringing together the power of many opinions rolled into one,” said Keiji Inafune, creator of BEASTROID. “This is the perfect platform for BEASTROID to come back to life. This is not just a game, but we will continue to develop it in different ways, together with our fellow DAO members. Apart from BEASTROID, I really hope that many new IPs will be born from this DAO.”

Interview Keiji Inafune

BRAIN FIGHTER is the brainchild of Mr. Ishii, the visionary designer who laid the foundations for modern fighting games through works including several Tekken and Tobal titles, and co-creator of Virtua Fighter. Mister Ishii takes his legacy of traditional fighting games to a fresh new platform with his next original IP. In this world, small robots called Brain Warriors that are controlled by human brain waves are the most popular thing. Everyone becomes the protagonist of this world, controlling their own Brain Fighter and fighting against others in tag team style to achieve victory.


BRAIN FIGHTER concept art

BRAIN FIGHTER1 demo movie

BRAIN FIGHTER2 demo movie

“I have long wanted to collaborate with a group of like-minded individuals and once again enjoy the process of making games together,” said Seiichi Ishii, creator of BRAIN FIGHTER. “The emergence of Web3 and DAO has excited me about the possibility of working on projects in a different way than before. The BRAIN FIGHTER IP I dreamed of was something I could never achieve alone, so I look forward to working with the Minnapad community — who we call ‘Minna-san’ — to create a really special new IP using new technology.”

Interview Seiichi Ishii

Partnership with Mr. Inafune and Mr. Ishii started Minnapad’s quest to become the premier platform that connects fans of everyday Japanese content with legendary Japanese creators, called “Legends”. The nature of DAO gives its members intimate access and the power of a voice into the creation of the BEASTROID and BRAIN FIGHTER IPs, and the direction the IPs are taking, giving fans, publishers, and creators an equal voice.

“Minnapad’s main goal has always been to bring well-known Japanese IPs to the web3 space. Who better to kick off our platform than with two such giants in the Japanese games industry,” said Tatsuya Nishioka, founder and chief executive of Minnapad. “I had the honor of working on Marvelous with Mr. Inafune back in 2011, and a friend who worked at Tekken introduced me to Mr. Ishii. Together with the Minnapad community, I’m sure we will come together to create an amazing new IP.”

The releases of BEASTROID and BRAIN FIGHTER respectively are just the start of what’s to come from Minnapad. As the Minnapad community continues to grow and expand, the company is exploring additional DAOs in the video game and anime space. More details on Episode 1 with collectables from Legends Mr. Inafune and Mr. Ishii, and new upcoming partnerships will be announced in the coming months.

ABOUT Minnapad

Minnapad is a make-to-earn DAO launchpad and NFT marketplace that provides access to legendary Japanese creators — or ‘Legends’ — to the wider entertainment community. Through the use of blockchain technology, users can now collaborate with their favorite Legends and work on distributed projects that offer a decentralized form of participation for new IP ownership. Minnapad is open to everyone (‘Minna-san’) who can contribute value to create the next big IP. Founded in 2022, Minnapad is located in Tokyo and Singapore. The company aims to bring positive change to today’s entertainment landscape and create equality between publishers, creators and fans. More information can be found on the company’s official website:

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