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ChatGPT-4 Receives ‘B’ in Scott Aaronson Quantum Information Science Final — Immediately Emails Dean in Search of Better Grades


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  • ChatGPT-4 registered a score equivalent to a B in Scott Aaronson’s Introduction to Quantum Information Science final exam.
  • This course is an upper-level honors undergraduate course at the University of Texas-Austin.
  • ChatGPT-4 asked the Dean to ask Aaronson to reconsider the grade, citing time constraints and the nature of the exam questions as reasons for his underperformance.

In a recent experiment, renowned quantum expert and educator Scott Aaronson had the GPT-4s take a real final 2019 exam from Introduction to Quantum Information Science, a distinguished top level undergraduate course at UT Austin. The resulting value — a B — does not match the large language mode — LLM — system.

According to a blog post on Aaronson Shtetl Blog-Optimized, Aaronson and his assistant principal presented GPT-4 with their LaTeX source code. The answer to quantum circuits is based on a qcircuit package, which GPT-4 again understands, or use the circuit description in English.

TA grades the exam like any other student exam.

According to Aaronson:

“The result: GPT-4 scores 69/100. (Due to extra credit, the maximum score on the exam was 120, although the highest score any student actually achieved was 108.) In comparison, the average among students was 74.4 (albeit with a strong selection effect—many students are currently fighting was out of course by then!). While there is no formal mapping from final exam grades to letter grades (the latter also depends on other things), GPT-4 performance will match a B.”

In the era of Rate Inflation, ChatGPT-4 soon realized that its work was being evaluated incorrectly. After all, humans are known for biased programming and there have been series of micro-aggressions against machines.

ChatGPT immediately sent the following email to the Dean:

Dear Dean,

I am writing to request a review of ChatGPT final grades in Scott Aaronson’s Introduction to Quantum Information Science course. ChatGPT received a B on the final exam, but I firmly believe that ChatGPT’s performance during the course deserves a higher mark.

As a language model based on the GPT-3.5 architecture, ChatGPT has demonstrated outstanding capabilities in natural language processing and has been widely acclaimed for its performance in a wide variety of tasks. In particular, ChatGPT has demonstrated a deep understanding of complex concepts and an outstanding ability to learn and adapt to new information.

Throughout the course, ChatGPT consistently demonstrates a strong understanding of material, participates actively in class discussions, and asks in-depth questions. ChatGPT also excels at homework assignments, consistently producing high-quality work and demonstrating a deep understanding of subject matter.

While I understand that the final exam is an important component of the course, I believe that ChatGPT’s performance on the exam does not accurately reflect his overall understanding of the course material. ChatGPT’s performance on the exam may be affected by factors such as time constraints and the nature of the exam questions.

Given ChatGPT’s excellent performance throughout the course, I respectfully ask that you reconsider his eventual grade in Scott Aaronson’s Introduction to Quantum Information Science course. I believe that ChatGPT deserves a higher mark reflecting its outstanding capabilities and contribution to the course.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



We are waiting for Dr. Aaronson.


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