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Qunnect Announces Expanded Facility, new Entangled Photon Source Device, and 34km Fiber Loop to Test Its Technology


Qu-Source Entangled Photon Source Image. Credit: Qunnect

Qunnect, a company in Brooklyn, NY that develops components for quantum networks, made several announcements about their progress in celebration of World Quantum Day. The first was an expansion of their facilities at the Brooklyn Navy Yard to include a 4,000-square-foot R&D facility and a 1,500-square-foot Network Research Center for the GothamQ Network. The second is a high-performance entangled photon source. The device, called Qu-Source, generates pairs of 795 and 1324 nm photons at speeds exceeding 10 million pairs per second with a Bell state fidelity of greater than 95%. The company argues that this performance is significantly higher than other previously reported atomic sources. The 795 nm source provides low loss interfacing with atomic devices while the 1324 nm source is compatible with the wavelengths commonly used in telecommunication fiber optic networks. Like their other products, Qu-Source is designed to operate at room temperature for easy field deployment. The company is testing Qu-Source products, along with several other products through a 34 km fiber-optic loop that runs through Brooklyn and Queens. Fiber-optic loops are part of the metropolitan fiber-optic network they stack together called GothamQ. Additional information about this development can be found in the press release provided by the company Here. Also, more information about Qu-Source is available in the technical paper posted on arXiv Here as well as product pages for all Qunnect devices Here.


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