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ChatGPT Spurs Demand for Nvidia Deep Learning GPUs Post Crypto Mining Decline

The popularity of ChatGPT and other AI technologies has significantly increased the demand for Nvidia GPUs. The general public and prominent members of the IT community, including John Carmack, are both aware of the exorbitant accusations.

Nvidia’s H100 deep learning GPUs have cost a staggering $40,000 per unit, and some vendors are even offering them for several thousand dollars more. The fact that the price of such devices has risen even more speaks to demand as they are already in the hundreds of dollars. Previously, the H100 had a suggested retail price of just under $35,000.

It’s worth noting that while BeInCrypto can’t confirm a completed purchase at this price, the unit in the screenshot from eBay below is advertised for sale for anywhere from $42,672 to $45,000. Hardware like the H100 is growing in demand over time due to its use in building language learning models and their applications in AI. These models demand a lot of computing power, driving demand for Nvidia’s technology.

To accommodate demand, businesses may produce new types of equipment. The possibility of a new ChatGPT model thrills the general public, and the tech sector has designated 2023 as one of its most exciting years yet. As expected, the popularity of emerging AI applications, particularly ChatGPT and equivalents, has increased the need for related technologies. To meet growing demand, the H100 series, also known as GPU Hopper, are now available from major cloud computing providers.

Nvidia claims that the H100 is the most powerful GPU for AI. All of these highly coveted GPUs will have cloud support from Amazon, Microsoft, and Oracle. On Nvidia GPUs, ChatGPT itself is trained. In fact, it trains models as many as 10,000 GPUs. The market growth indicates that generative AI will increase in demand in the coming years.

The crypto mining sector has slowed somewhat while the AI ​​sector has grown rapidly. The initial buzz of this market has died down. Last year, once Ethereum moved to a proof-of-stake system, the asset class suffered a lot. Investor interest in Ethereum’s imminent upgrade, which will allow stakeholders to offload their ETH, has reached a fever pitch. Currently, this is the only topic of discourse; however, by looking at Bitcoin, it is possible that in the near future, attention may return to mining.

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