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EU lawmakers call for ‘safe’ AI as Google CEO warns about rapid development


A group of EU politicians are calling for a united front on developing AI while a technology director briefs companies on its social impact.

A dozen European Union (EU) politicians have signed a letter calling for the development of “safe” artificial intelligence (AI) as Google’s CEO advises against releasing critical AI technology before society has had a chance to adjust.

The April 16 open letter followed on Twitter by EU member of Parliament, Dragoș Tudorache, calls for a matter of cooperation and a universal set of rules around AI development.

Tudorache, along with 11 other EU politicians named in the letter, asked European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and United States President Joe Biden to convene an AI summit and agree on a set of governing principles for development, control and implementation. from technology.

“Recent advances in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) have shown that the pace of technological advancement is fast and more changeable than policy makers around the world anticipated,” the letter read.

“We’re really moving presto.”

The letter further calls on the headliners of the Trade and Technology Council (TTC), a forum for the US and EU to coordinate approaches to issues of profit and technology, to agree on a key agenda for proposed AI summits and for companies and countries around the world to “struggle for growing sense of responsibility” while developing AI.

Our communication with persistence, experimentation and decision makers, in Europe and around the world, is that the development of artificial intelligence which is essential indicates the need for careful attention and consideration. Together, we can steer history in the right direction,” the letter said.

Google CEO Pichai Sundararajan, better known as Sundar Pichai, also expressed caution around the rapid development of AI in an April 16 interview about 60 CBS twinkles saying that society may need time to adjust to the new technology.

You don’t want to get technology out like this when it really matters because it doesn’t give society time to adjust. I think that is one perspective that makes sense,” he said.

“The speed with which we can count on and acclimatize as social institutions compared to the speed of technological development, there seems to be a discrepancy,” he added.

still, Pichai also notes that while there is cause for concern, he feels “lucky” by the number of people who have been clamoring about counter-charges of AI earlier in its life cycle compared to any other particular advancement in history.

“I think there are people in charge there who are trying to figure out how to approach this technology and so are we,” he said.

The European Union previously looked at AI with its Artificial Intelligence Act, meanwhile, the European Data Protection Council has also set up a task force on generative AI chatGPT chatbots.

The letter from EU politicians echoes the same company put forward by more than 2,600 technology leaders and researchers calling for a temporary pause on further AI development, which poses a “deep trap for society and humanity”.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Apple founder Steve Wozniak, and another AI CEO, CTO, and researcher are among other signatories to the letter, which was published by the United States think tank the Future of Life Institute (FOLI) on March 22.

While EU politicians agreed with the “core communications” of the FOLI letter, and shared “some company,” they came out disagreeing with “some further worrying statements.”

Musk continued to emphasize the threat he believes AI can pose in an April 16 interview with Fox News, saying that like any technology, AI has the implicit nature of being abused if developed with bad intentions.

EU lawmakers post call for ‘secure’ AI as Google CEO warns about fast developments that first appeared on BTC Wires.


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