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QC Ware Introduces Prometheum for Quantum Chemical Computing


Promethium Comparison Provided by QC Ware

QC Equipment have now made their Prometheum platform available as Software as a Service (SaaS) on the AWS Marketplace. This software is an ab initio platform for the discovery of new drugs, chemicals, catalysts and materials. It offers key capabilities for calculating molecular properties, interaction energies, and reaction pathways in ways QC Ware has shown will provide high accuracy, the ability to handle chemical systems as large as 2000 atoms, and performance that can exceed that of any other open source and commercially available product. platform by more than an order of magnitude. Processing is currently targeted to run on NVIDIA GPUs, but the platform has the potential to be scaled up to support quantum processors once more powerful quantum computers become available. This software uses a graphical software interface so new users can join quickly. The company has beta tested the platform with several major pharmaceutical companies and is now making it generally available to the entire market. Additional information about Prometheum is available in the posted press release Hereweb page for the platform on the QC Ware website Hereand a description page on AWS Marketplace Here.

April 18, 2023


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