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RBR50 celebrates robotics innovations around the world and the forward-thinking organizations behind them.

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Robotics Business Overview and parent company WTWH Media today announced the winners of the 2023 RBR50 Robotics Innovation Award (RBR50). For more than a decade, the annual RBR50 list has celebrated forward-thinking organizations and their original creations that make an impact. Recognized worldwide, RBR50 is also a critical measure of the growth of the robotics sector.

“This year’s RBR50 Robotics Innovation Awards highlight the critical innovations, and the organizations responsible for those innovations, that will spur the development of new robotics solutions and drive robotics adoption forward around the world,” said Steve Crowe, Executive Editor, Robotics, WTWH Media. “Congratulations to all the winners.”

The 2023 RBR50 Robotics Innovation Awards are awarded to the following classes of innovation:

Business Innovation and Management – Business and management initiatives or practices that enhance a company’s commercial status, drive growth in the robotics sector, or improve society.

Technology Innovation, Products and Services – New commercial solutions that have the potential to positively impact the robotics market or sector as a whole.

Market Applications and Innovations – Sector specific, newly developed applications that provide value, provide entry into new markets, or improve performance over existing approaches (increase productivity, improve quality, reduce costs, etc).

The editors at WTWH Media’s Robotics Group – Steve Crowe, Mike Oitzman and Brianna Wessling – enjoyed the challenge of evaluating and selecting the 2023 winners and learned a lot in the process. We hope you share your enthusiasm and that the 2023 RBR50 Robotics Innovation Awards also enhance your understanding of the global robotics sector.

In that small way, the RBR50 will do its part to move the robotics sector forward.

To see the 2023 winners, peruse the table below or our April 2023 Digital Edition (PDF).

RBR50 Robotics Innovation Award 2023

Organization Innovation
ABB ABB introduces the smallest ever robotic arm
Agility Robotics Humanoid Agility’s Digit targets logistical tasks
Alert Innovation Alert Innovation was acquired by Walmart to increase compliance
Amazons Amazon looks to automate the ‘Holy Grail’ with Sparrow’s robotic arm
amd The AMD Kria KR260 platform makes robotics development easy
American Robotics American Robotics extends drone services to the oil and gas industry
Australian Droids + Robots Robots explore dangerous caves to assess vulnerable bat colonies
Boston dynamics Boston Dynamics Stretch found a successful early demolition trailer
Brain Corp Brain Corp added a floor cleaning robot with a dual purpose
Kionik The cionic bionic sleeve helps people with mobility problems
Clearpath Robotics Clearpath OutdoorNav software makes mobile robotics development easy
Coalition Against Armed Robots Coalition against armed robots
deepmind Deepmind open source MujoCo physics engine
fox gloves Foxglove standardizes robotics data recording with MCAP
GelSight The MIT spin-off creates an affordable mini tactile sensor
HEBI Robotics HEBI applies modularity expertise to mobile robots
Enter Inbolt simplifies the use of vision servoing with unique applications
Essential Intrinsic acquires Open Source Robotics Corp
Intuitively Inuitive vision technology increases robot autonomy
The James Webb Space Telescope The James Webb Space Telescope revolutionized astronomy
Johns Hopkins University NASA succeeds in its first planetary defense test mission
Robotics Locus Locus Robotics surpasses 1 billion choices with AMR
Machine Lab Machina Labs uses robots to manufacture titanium sheet metal parts
Main Street Autonomy Main Street Autonomy simplifies sensor calibration
Mass Robotics MassRobotics aims to diversify the robotics talent pool
Meijer Meijer uses robots to clean up the Great Lakes
NASAJPL Perseverance Rover completes first multi-sol drive on Mars
Nauticus Robotics Nauticus dives into the future of underwater robotics
NVIDIA NVIDIA improved the ROS 2 pipeline processing with hardware acceleration
onRobot OnRobot D:PLOY lowers the barriers to robotics adoption
Open Source Foot Project The open source foot project democratizes prosthetic development
Ottomans Yeti’s delivery robot independently distributes packages
Photoneo The MotionCam-3D Color camera captures dynamic scenes
PickNik Robotics MoveIt Studio offers a low code robotics development environment
Fast Robotics Rapid Robotics brings flexibility to the robotic work cell
RoboTire RoboTire redefines the tire changing process
Skyline Robotics Skyline Robotics is disrupting the B window cleaning industry
Spacee Spacee Deming offers a simplified approach to rack-scanning robots
Spark SparkAI helps John Deere solve the challenge of agricultural autonomy
layer Stratom makes vehicle refueling safer, more efficient
Tatum Robotics Tatum creates a revolutionary communication tool for the deaf and blind
Teleexistence Telexistence deploys restocking robots in Japanese convenience stores
Teradyne Teradyne combines subsidiaries AMR, AutoGuide & MIR
Tusrobot Tuskrobots developed a new AMR/AGV to automate pallet movement
UC Berkeley The DayDreamer algorithm enables robotic learning without simulation
Universe Robots The UR20 is the fastest and most powerful enterprise cobot ever
Via Robotics Viam combines open-source robotics systems with integrated cloud services
Waymo Waymo continues its robotaxi expansion
WILL WHILL independently carries passengers at the 1st North American airport
WiBotic WiBotic brings the benefits of wireless charging technology to ASRS

WTWH Media acquired Robotics Business Overview in December 2019. You can view the previous listing under WTWH Media’s management here: 2022 | 2021 | 2020


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