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The Bitcoin sale haul of Ordinal eulogy has exploded by 240% over the past month.

Bitcoin ticker BTC is down $30,096 miners have pocketed over $5 million from creating non-fungible commemorative (NFT)-like eulogies using the Ordinals protocol.

Shipments for Ordinals transactions exploded 240% from $1.5 million on March 10 to 5.2 million on April 12, according to Dune Analytics data.

The rise occurred in the reverse of the rather slow period between 2 February. March 16 and 10, increased from $1 million to $1.5 million. Previously, it hit the $1 million mark in the first four weeks of launching the Ordinals protocol on January 21.

Nearly 1.1 million Ordinals have been written on the Bitcoin network, consisting mostly of JPEG images and textbooks, but also compatible with PDF formats, video recordings, and audio.

Approximately 100 to 500 eulogies are reused in each Bitcoin block, which typically contains between 2,000 and 3,000 deals. The 783,758 block on April 3 saw a record 3,785 eulogies, representing nearly 87% of the entire block.

Online community platform Reddit launched its third wave of NFTs (Gen 3) on April 12 — a “Future Reality Collection” from the amalgamation of Collections created by over 100 artists.

Reddit explains in its ad that the artist behind each limited edition Avatar will acknowledge royalties on each trade and no cryptocurrency will be required to purchase them.

However, the release didn’t come without issues. many Reddit drug dealers claim they miss trades because spam bots come in almost non-stop.

Many also believe bots are the reason behind Reddit’s NFT store crashing shortly after launch.

They don’t include any spam or bot prevention, like a simple captcha. Of course the points are overfilled,” one stoner wrote with another commenting that “no way you guys shouldn’t be stopping bots during this drop.

Stoner Twitter “Pastel Alpha” tweeted that they managed to get a “good quantity” of NFT “despite the bottom line failing miserably” and thanked “unfriends” for helping with the catch.

Reddit previously released a batch of Halloween-themed mixups in October, followed by a Super Bowl mix-up in February.

Shoe brand Adidas has released the first leg of its latest dynamic NFT collection “ALTs by Adidas”, the latest step by the company in its quest to expand the NFT ecosystem.

Dynamic NFTs will grow based on the opinions and involvement of their owners, according to an April 11 advertisement that describes the collection as a “first step” towards maintaining its “ALTS by Adidas” identity.

The base price of each Adidas NFT is 0.666 Ether. The ETH ticker is down $1,926 ($1,275) and has generated 351 ETH ($672,000) in trading volume so far. There are now 8,989 owners, 56 of which are unique.

There are a total of 16,000 details and the generator takes 10% off each trade.

Collectors must purchase and burn Stage 1 and 2 of Adidas’ “Into the Metaverse” commemorative to be recognized as ALTS by the Adidas NFT.

An NFT collection commemorating the late Kung-Fu fighter and film star, Bruce “Little Dragon” Lee, has been released by the Bruce Lee Estate in partnership with Shibuya, an NFT-driven video recording platform.

Release plans were revealed on April 11 when Lee’s Twitter account, which is managed by his family, participated in an old video clip of Lee, which also turned him into an animated interpretation of himself.

The NFT sold for an initial price of 0.008 ETH, or $15, and 13,907 were formed in the first 24 hours, totaling over $205,000 according to its smart contract address on Etherscan.

NFT is drawn by artist Emily “pppleleasr” Yang and designed by Shannon Lee – son of Bruce Lee.

Despite being an “open edition” collection, collectors can only print beyond 100 NFT.

More Nifty News

The OpenSea NFT Business launched “OpenSea Pro” last week, a new technical NFT business aggregator aimed at serving the needs of professional NFT dealers. This service is made possible by OpenSea’s accession of fellow NFT aggregator Gem in April 2022.

NFT dealers try to get free NFTs by buying them for 100 Ether ($191,000). The anniversary is part of OpenSea’s NFT business NFT Gemesis collection to commemorate the launch of OpenSea Pro on April 4th. Some believe the dealer intended to bid up the warning for $100.


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