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Coinlive and Echooo hosted Afterparty The Great Web3er in Hong Kong- attracting global crypto executives

On Wednesday evening, ECHOOO and Coinlive co-hosted The Great WEb3er, a networking event for everyone in the Web3 space, including investors, entrepreneurs, and various stakeholders.

“Given the progress made in the Web3 space so far, and the potential for new ideas to emerge, we felt the time was right to bring together the thought leaders and entrepreneurs who will be building the spaces and the everyday consumers who will be using the technology.

And given that Hong Kong is a well-known and well-connected financial center, it is the perfect place to hold such an event, no less than the Hong Kong Web3 Festival.”

-Yan Wenbo, Editor in Chief at Coinlive

Since its inception, ECHOOO has created a secure wallet for Web3 customers, with the idea of ​​lowering the barrier of entry for newcomers to the Web3 space. It integrates superior security, better account recovery, and bridging features for those who are familiar with Web2’s user interface and functions.

They are currently expanding into Hong Kong.

“We experienced some very welcome changes in Hong Kong during this event: from the enthusiasm of the many businessmen who attended, to the relatively lax regulatory policies, and overall market excitement, Hong Kong caught up to Singapore.

This is good news for us Singaporean entrepreneurs: there are now more opportunities in the Asia Pacific region, both in terms of funding and market development.”

– ECHOOO spokesperson

The event was held at Mirage Bar & Restaurant, not far from the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, where the Hong Kong Web3 Festival was being held.

Around 150 people attended the event, and prominent attendees included David Lee, Co-chair at Blockchain Security Alliance, Derrick Loi, General Manager International Business and Digital Technology at Ant Group, and Yvonne Ng, Director of Sales at Elliptic.

P1X, the leading Metis ecosystem accelerator and project incubator dedicated to empowering regional projects in the Asia Pacific region, was also in attendance. Given their focus on unlocking the potential of Web3 and Defi, P1X’s Chief Marketing Officer Ben hosted a lively discussion about the market strategy for new crypto startups and the potential of the new products they present.

Participants also benefited from being able to network with other stakeholders in the ecosystem, and ECHOOO also managed to meet with potential investors.

“We also had the opportunity to connect with well-known investment firms at the meeting and we plan to enter into partnerships with them as soon as possible.”

– ECHOOO spokesperson

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ECHOOO is a company emphasizing technical innovation and building the next generation web3 infrastructure for the crypto market for the people. It is backed by the Skyview, A&T, and DFJ teams and received tens of millions of dollars of angel investment from them. ECHOOO combines the technical strengths of the Web2 and Web3 worlds and forms one of the strongest technical teams in the Asia Pacific Region.

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