Quantum Computing

Quanscient Raises €3.9M ($4.27M USD) Seed Round.


They will know is a Finland-based quantum software provider company founded in 2021. They provide a cloud-powered and quantum multi-physics simulation platform that can carry out material simulations for characteristics such as electromagnetic, mechanical, and fluid dynamics. People are leveraging their platform to develop products that are more energy efficient, sustainable, and speed up the time it takes to bring products to market. In one instance, they’ve taken a superconducting simulation that would have taken months on a classic computer and reduced the work time to a few hours. Fill in the company they are Quanscient. allsolve product is the fastest multi-physics simulator on the market and can be accessed via the internet with any browser. €3.9 Million Funding provided by Maki.vc. In addition, the company has received additional support with a €446 thousand ($488K USD) research grant and loan from Business Finland. The press release announcing this new funding can be accessed on their website Here.

April 20, 2023


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