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Oxford Quantum Circuits Partners with Fujitsu to Install Quantum Processors at Spain’s CESGA


We reported last January about a €14 Million ($15M USD) deal between Galicia Super Computer Center (CESGA or Galicia Super Computer Center) And Fujitsu to provide some HPC and quantum related hardware at CESGA data center in Galicia, Spain. Now Oxford Quantum Circuit (OQC) has been added to the collaboration and will install the upcoming 32 qubit quantum computer at CESGA. The machine will be part of a cluster that includes several other items including Fujitsu’s 34 qubit quantum simulator, Fujitsu PRIMERGY server, Fujitsu PRIMEHPC FX700 supercomputer, and Fujitsu Digital Annealer. For more information about this computer installed in the CESGA HPC data center, you can view the press release posted on the OQC website. Here.

April 21, 2023


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