8 Life Science Innovators You Should Meet at BioTrinity 2023


Here are 8 life science innovators to watch at BioTrinity 2023 from April 25 to 26!

More than 800 biotechs are operating in France today, with 60 new biotechs created every year. Life sciences are playing a key role in this ongoing development, thanks in part to significant government investment, with €7.5 billion ($8.3 billion) dedicated to new technologies under the ‘Health Innovation Plan 2030’.

Business France, in partnership with French Healthcare, an innovative public-private initiative, is proud to present eight leading companies in life sciences at this year’s BioTrinity in London.

Each of the 8 companies has breakthrough technologies in various fields. Their research covers neurological diseases, oncology, obesity, metabolic diseases, cell therapy, cancer biomarkers, diagnostics for women’s health and microbiome and life science data.

Karla Therapy

Karla Therapeutics is a ‘T-cell company’ focused on mental health. He has discovered a new protein secreted by T cells, causes behavioral disturbances in mice and increases in the blood of psychiatric patients. It is developing monoclonal antibodies to protect against these proteins and improve mental health in the process.

As the first targeted therapy in psychiatry, its immunocentric approach opens the door for potential applications in various central nervous system indications.

Luxian Science

A start-up specializing in the development of innovative diagnostics, Luxia Scientific places a special focus on women’s health. The company has built an advanced metagenomics platform, based on Oxford Nanopore Technologies, to mine the human microbiome.

Luxia Scientific is the only French company to receive ISO13485:2016 certification for the manufacture and production of microbiome diagnostic technologies and analytical tools (kits, software). In partnership with Europe’s leading medical laboratories, In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) tests have been marketed.

Real Consulting Data

For the past 7 years, Real Consulting Data has helped key stakeholders in the life sciences accelerate their decision making through a structured open data ecosystem.

Thanks to its developers, data scientists, engineers and partners, Real Consulting Data has developed one of the world’s largest healthcare data warehouse and analytics platforms, OIP Healthcare™.


RD-Biotech offers tailor-made solutions in molecular biology, immunology and cellular engineering, as part of R&D, pre-clinical or clinical studies. For more than 20 years, RD-Biotech has provided technical skills and scientific knowledge for personalized, responsive and quality services in complete confidentiality.

Based on its high level of expertise and skills, RD-Biotech is a trusted partner for industrial laboratories in pharmaceutical, in vitro diagnostics and biotech, according to ISO 9001:2015 quality standard.

Scarcell Therapy

Scarcell Therapeutics is developing innovative and highly differentiated allogeneic cell therapy platforms to address critical unmet clinical needs in a variety of indications.

This cell therapy platform is based on the discovery that human gingival fibroblasts (hGF) harvested from gum tissue possess unique properties that have a regenerative effect on other tissues, making them highly safe and effective for therapeutic use in a variety of clinical conditions.

Skymab Biotherapy

Skymab Biotherapeutics is a preclinical biotech company committed to designing, engineering and developing antibodies targeting G Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCRs) with a focus on oncology.

A spin-off of the large public research institute, CEA (The French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission), Skymab develops monoclonal antibodies directed against GPCRs for therapeutic applications in oncology. Its most advanced candidate is an antibody drug conjugate (ADC) intended to treat solid tumors.


Founded in September 2016, SmartCatch is a medical device company for the isolation of cancer biomarkers from biological fluids. It develops a disruptive technology aimed at isolating cancer cells from high blood volumes to characterize and monitor cancer pathology continuously and more closely at all stages of treatment.

The core innovation uses innovative, patented microtechnology-based devices integrated into benchtop or portable systems to selectively capture cancer cells in the laboratory and clinical settings.


The startup is an R&D specialist in breakthrough therapies in 3 closely related pathology areas: cancer, obesity, and related metabolic diseases and infectious diseases. It targets a signaling pathway platform regulated by the NRP-1/OBR protein complex, which was recently discovered by CEO/CSO Dr. Zakia Belaid-Sandal (PhD).

Theranovir is developing a NOV2 immunotherapeutic antibody with a unique mode of action through its ability to enter the nucleus of cancer cells and degrade their DNA in a target-dependent manner. This mode of action is based on the leptin-induced NRP-1/OBR complex, without genotoxic effects on peripheral blood mononuclear cells from healthy donors and with a very high probability of reactivation of the antitumor immune response.

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