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CTSI Surges Over 65% in a Week As Update Rollup Approaches


According to CryptoSlate data, the Cartesi token (CTSI) has increased by 68.56% in the seven days following the announcement of the project update on April 11. Cartesi Rollups is fast approaching the mainnet deployment stage, according to Cartesi Ecosystem Update 2023.

On April 11th, when the update announcement was published, the CTSI token was trading around $0.1532. On April 20, the price of CTSI hit $0.3341, up 118% in nine days. CTSI prices are charting an upward trend until April 21. However, according to CryptoSlate data, the token has lost 10.86% of its value in the last 24 hours. Despite the dips, the current price of CTSI represents an increase of 82% in the previous 30 days.

Cartesi is basically a layer-2 scaling solution that allows developers to create decentralized applications (dApps) that operate across multiple chains. It supports Linux and other common software components while allowing developers to deploy application-specific rollups as layer-2 on top of Ethereum (ETH) or layer-3 on other chains.

“…Cartesi Rollups is an application-specific execution environment that can be deployed as a layer 2 or layer 3; it is not a blockchain or a layer 1 DApp, which means that the traditional concept of “mainnet launch” for Cartesi is different from many other blockchain projects,” according to the announcement post. DApps built with Cartesi will be what makes it the mainnet.”

The first Cartesi-powered Honeypot DApp will be deployed on the ETH mainnet as part of the mainnet launch. The Honeypot dApp is intended to store real assets with the goal of “setting a financial benchmark for secure asset management and providing an augmented battlefield for the community to help audit and test Cartesi’s cutting-edge technology.”

According to the announcement post, bringing Honeypot to the mainnet will “mark the beginning of a new era” for Cartesi, as it will test and strengthen Cartesi’s technology and security. The Cartesi team did not provide a specific date for the Honeypot deployment.


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