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French National Quantum Update: April 2023


Business plan summary

The French quantum business is making significant strides towards bringing quantum products to market and harnessing the power of quantum technology to perform services across industries and fields. Pasqal and Thales have both been touted in the media as partners in using quantum to improve financial systems in the quantum age. Drug design and production is a tantalizing use case for quantum and a French startup promises to be part of that revolution. We also see work by leading French scientists published in major scientific journals. Here are some – but not all – of the stories that point to the rise of France’s quantum leadership.


King Wilhelm-Alexander and French President Emmanuel Macron Visit Quantum Hub

Their Royal Highnesses King Willem-Alexander and President Emmanuel Macron paid an official visit to the Amsterdam quantum hub for a tour of the Quantum Gases & Quantum Information Lab and a roundtable on the importance of quantum to Europe’s open strategic autonomy. The visit, as part of President Macron’s three-day state visit to the Netherlands, reflects the intensive cooperation between the Netherlands and France on a quantum basis.

New Call for Proposals to Support France’s Big Tech of the Future

The General Directorate of Enterprises and the General Secretariat of Investments launched a new support program, implemented by the French Tech Mission, focused on new players: French Tech 2030. This program aims to combine State investment strategies and support from the French Technology Mission to position them at the service of new players with high potential, in particular DeepTech, and to accelerate their development in all the themes targeted by the France 2030 plan strategy.


Thales Prepares to Secure Europe’s Infrastructure Against Quantum Attacks

Thales experts took part in the project to develop quantum key generation, distribution and management equipment and associated communication encryption devices, and define the architecture of this quantum communication infrastructure.

Banks Face Existential Security Risks as Quantum Heats Up

Pasqal France is mentioned in this article as a leading partner in helping banks and financial institutions prepare for the quantum age.

Pasqal on the List of Potential Technological Unicorns in Europe

Pasqal is on the Tech Tour’s list of up and coming startups. The Tech Tour and more than 90 of the most active international VCs and growth funds vote based on factors such as revenue growth, market potential, and fundraising.

Qubit Pharmaceuticals at French Tech Health 20

Qubit Pharmaceuticals is the first class winner from French Tech Health20, according to a LinkedIn post. French Tech Health20 is the mentoring program of Mission French Tech), partnered with Agence d’innovation en santé, dedicated to promising healthtech startups, and we are the first winners!

Orange for Coordinating France’s Quantum Communications Efforts

France has put together a consortium of technology companies, researchers – and one telecommunications company – to begin the deployment of its quantum network. The program, called FranceQCI (Quantum Communications Infrastructure) falls under the European Union’s EuroQCI umbrella, which funds each member country’s projects and generally manages them all. The goal is to ensure that critical communications between strategically important sites across continents – such as government agencies and financial centers – are safe from hacking.

New Quantum Startup

QPerfect France-based quantum startup announced. The company’s mission is to: “provide digital development environments and quantum solutions for scalable quantum computing, helping our customers innovate from hardware to software to make practical applications a reality today.”


Entangled-photon Generators for Fault Tolerant Photonic Quantum Computers

Scientific results have just been published in a new issue of the journal Nature Photonics represents another “first” in the technological achievements of quantum computing company Quandela, towards the development of a photonic quantum computer.

Education and Events

Quantum France Scheduled for June

France Quantum will be held June 13, 2023. Co-founded by OVHcloud, the conference aims to improve the French quantum ecosystem and support the ecosystem philosophy, with a desire to be as inclusive as possible from research laboratories, startups and large companies or anyone involved in the quantum sector.

Thales Hachaton

Four days of intense competition on quantum algorithms applied to 10 Business Oriented THALES use cases (drone mission planning and trajectory optimization, SAR radar processing and waveform design, anomaly detection in Sonar time series, ship repair scheduling, communications network routing, routing, and shortest path for FPGA design, cybersecurity). This is the largest hackathon ever organized internationally for a Corporate company with 10 teams in 5 countries (Canada, France, Germany, UK, Singapore), with 58 participants.

Troys University Conference

The University of Troys hosts an international conference on optimization using quantum computing.

French company at QTech

France is well represented at QTech in Boston. There were several officials and founders who attended and attended the conference. The conference covers the entire ecosystem, with this year’s special sessions focusing on; the role of quantum technology in life sciences, applications in financial services; quantum communications and cryptography for global telecommunications, quantum in transport and logistics, quantum for government applications and sensing and metrology.

Three Postdoctoral Positions Available in Quantum Error Correction in Grenoble, France

Three postdoctoral positions in quantum error correction are available at CEA-LETI, a research institute for electronics and information technology, based in Grenoble, France. Each position is for a term of 18 to 24 months, and is hosted by the error correction research group at CEA-LETI.

QC Ware Announces Inaugural Q2B Paris Conference, Bringing Practical Applications of Quantum Technology to Europe

QC Ware, a leading provider of industrial disruptive and quantum-inspired quantum machine learning, and chemical simulation solutions, announced the first-of-its-kind Paris Q2B Conference, presented in joint partnership with Bpifrance and running May 3-4, 2023.


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