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SEEQC Demonstrates System Red, First Quantum Computer Built in Italy


That SEEQC System Red is a full-stack superconductor-based quantum processor the company is developing in its laboratory in Naples, Italy. SEEQC technology has a number of advantages including a very fast two qubit gate time of 39 nsec. with an average gate fidelity of 98.4%. The current system is a first-generation system using room-temperature electronics wired to qubits inside a refrigerator, similar to current approaches from other superconducting processor manufacturers. However, the company’s next generation of systems planned for release in 12 months will use SFQ (Single Flux Quantum) logic circuits for control. SFQ technology implements digital logic using Josephson Junction devices making it extremely fast (up to 40 Ghz operating speed), low power, better performance and compatible with the ultra-cold temperature of a diluent fridge. Additional information about this new quantum computer in Italy can be seen in the press release provided by SEEQC Here.

April 28, 2023


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