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Strangeworks Announces Expansion of Its Advanced Computing Platform


Strangeworks, a software startup based in Austin, Texas, has updated and expanded its platform to add additional functionality. In addition to offering access to more than 60 different hardware platforms, the company has now added a library of algorithms from internal and external sources that customers can use to accelerate their applications.

Examples of libraries provided by their external partners include quantum kernal methods from Rigetti, portfolio optimization apps from Multiverse, and flight route optimization apps from BosonQ Psi. Strangeworks also has one provides three internally developed algorithms for various optimization applications including QAOA (Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm) and VQE (Variational Quantum Eigensolver). The application can run on several different quantum hardware backends allowing users to compare their results. The company also announced that it will provide its customers with classical and quantum-inspired solutions that leverage artificial intelligence technologies to provide its customers with additional alternatives when the quantum approach is not suitable.

Other improvements include enhanced enterprise business and reporting tools to control usage and updates Right behind the stage programs that provide early access to new quantum hardware, software, features, and functionality. Recent additions to the program include the Quandela photonic quantum computer in the cloud.

More information about these new features is available in the news release on the Strangeworks website Here.

April 29, 2023


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