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Top Analysts Decoding the Crypto Landscape: $BTC, $ETH and $PEPE in Focus


Miles Deutscher’s recent research into the cryptocurrency industry has shed light on some interesting new information. In a statement made on May 3, 2023, Deutscher made an interesting analogy between Ethereum and a casino, stating that β€œif meme coins are gambling, then Ethereum is the casino.” This statement was made in light of recent statistics which revealed that a staggering 23,463 $ETH was burned just in the previous week due to increased network traffic.

Deutscher’s comment that β€œthe house always wins” refers to the fact that while individual transactions may change, the wider Ethereum network is constantly evolving. This statement highlights that Ethereum, as a platform, benefits from increased transaction fees due to network congestion, even if individual users may suffer from higher fees. Consequently, Deutscher’s analogy emphasizes the importance of understanding the broader context of cryptocurrency investing and not just focusing on individual transactions.

On May 1, 2023, Deutscher raised concerns about the increasing popularity of meme currencies like $PEPE, stressing that TOTAL3, a measure of overall market liquidity, remains unchanged despite these coins’ apparent success. This suggests that there is no new cash inflow to the market, and the frenzy around the meme currency may be a matter of moving money from one currency to another. Deutscher warned that this could be a bearish sign, as most meme coin rallies often mark local peaks.

However, Deutscher’s view of Bitcoin is much more optimistic. On May 2, 2023, he stated that he saw Bitcoin as a long-term investment, comparing it to gold to raise additional $BTC rather than as a quick way to generate USD. He explains that most of his Bitcoins are stored in long-term cold storage, even if he uses some of them to trade between altcoins and $BTC pairs.

BTC and ETH were trading around $28,506 and $1,862, respectively, at 5:48 UTC on May 3, 2023. Both had moderate gains the previous day, up 1.73% and 1.78%, respectively. These gains suggest that the broader cryptocurrency market may stabilize after a period of volatility.

In conclusion, Deutscher’s recent comments provide valuable insight into the cryptocurrency industry. The analogy between Ethereum and casinos highlights the importance of understanding the wider context of cryptocurrency investing. His cautious outlook on meme currency and bullish outlook on Bitcoin provide a balanced perspective on the market. As always, investors need to do their own research and be careful when investing in cryptocurrencies.


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