Australian Technology Council Welcomes National Quantum Strategy


The Tech Council of Australia (TCA) welcomes the Australian Government’s National Quantum Strategy (strategi) released today by the Hon. Ed Husic MP, Minister of Industry and Science. The strategy outlines a roadmap for the future of quantum technology in Australia.

​​​​​​Kate Pounder, CEO of TCA, said the strategy was an important step in strengthening Australia’s leadership in this critical sector.

“The Australian Technology Council, home to the Australian Quantum Alliance, welcomes the Government’s launch of the National Quantum Strategy. The National Quantum Strategy provides national leadership at a critical time for the Australian quantum industry.”

“Quantum technology is at an inflection point. Australia is a leader in quantum technology research and development. We have built leading local companies, and attracted some of the world’s leading global companies in quantum to conduct research in Australia.”

said Mrs. Pounder “This strategy is an important step for Australia and highlights a significant opportunity to increase the commercialization of quantum technology.”

“This strategy builds on the momentum of the Australian Government’s $1 billion commitment to critical technologies under the National Reconstruction Fund, the recent announcement of a $3.4 billion Advanced Strategic Capability Accelerator in response to the Defense Strategic Review, and the Australian Quantum Graduate Program. .”

“Our challenge now is to become a leader in commercialization. Early commercialization will deliver billions of dollars in economic value and thousands of jobs by 2030 globally and in Australia, while supporting our strategic and national security objectives.”

“We welcome the strategic focus on increasing the investment and commercialization opportunities for quantum in Australia because it is so important to get it right.”

“We have a strong foundation to build a globally successful quantum sector here in Australia – we are already home to over 3% of global quantum startups and attract 3.6% of global venture capital investment, well above the 1.6% our market share. global GDP.”

“Our strength in quantum has been the product of decades of strong government support, and we look forward to working with the Government to build on existing measures and help propel our quantum sector towards a brighter future.”



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