Solectric presents drones as aerial soccer stars

Ubstadt-Weiher, April 27, 2023 – The game reminds fans of the Quidditch World Cup movie from the blockbuster “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”. Only there are no wizard apprentices trying to score with broomsticks, but drone balls surrounded by a protective net. The game is called drone soccer or drone football. The new trend of drone soccer, or drone ball, originated in South Korea and has been inspiring children and youth there for several years. Now drone football is conquering the US and Europe. Solectric presented Drone Soccer in April 2023 at the Intermodellbau in Dortmund, the world’s largest trade fair for model building and model sport. Drone soccer, soccer in the air, has been popular with children and youth for several years. The mix of flight play and action inspires young people in particular.

Simple rules ensure fast fun

The two goals of the opponent are placed on the playing field like a cage. Two teams, each consisting of five members, control five drone balls each. One of these five drone balls, the “Striker”, plays a special role. Only he can score by flying past them. The remaining four balls secure your own net or fight for the “Forward”.

Solectric presents Drone Soccer in April 2023 at the Intermodellbau in Dortmund, the world’s largest trade fair for model building and model sport. At Solectric and MFSD’s joint exhibition booth, Modellflugportverband Deutschland eV, the ambitious high activity spanned four days. The drone football team tries to play and occupy rooms directly on location.

However, the term from the parlance of the classic footballer gets a whole new meaning here, after all, drone footballers are literally fighting in the air for goals, points and championships.

The perfect mix of game and technology

The combination of flying action and strategy inspires young people in particular. In addition to sports competitions, players experience which maneuvers can be performed with drones even in the smallest spaces. Maneuverable drone soccer ball does wonders in drone soccer like a field soccer star. Tricks and feints, as demonstrated by Mbappé, Ronaldo or Messi on the gridiron, also help to get the unmanned Striker into the net, even at such a great altitude.

Tech-savvy youth will find plenty of fun in the trending sport of Drone Soccer, an exciting team sport for kids and teens that opens doors to high-paying aviation careers such as drone operations, engineering, aircraft repair, air traffic control and traditional piloting. training.

During a break in the game, the DJI Tello Drones will be presented, with which school children across the country will be easily introduced to drone programming from next year and thus be able to get their first experience in flight (organized by the aviation associations DMFV and MFSD).

PS The good old whistle is still used to start and end a game!

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