Xheme, Inc. and the University of Bologna Present a New Antioxidant Technology That Stops Auto-Oxidation in Its Tracks at the First International Antioxidant Conference

Xheme, Inc. and the University of Bologna today announced that they will present a promising additive with a novel auto-oxidation inhibition mechanism at the First International Conference on Antioxidants in Barcelona, ​​Spain on Friday, 12 May 2023.

Lipid peroxidation is a major hurdle in areas ranging from food storage to biomedical applications. Many antioxidant strategies have been proposed to address this challenge. Interest initially focused on the use of synthetic additives, but has recently shifted to natural inhibitors—such as essential oils—with food grade or GRAS status, particularly for food and pharmaceutical applications. The antioxidants present in oregano and orange essential oils have shown antioxidant activity but are also unstable and degrade rapidly. Adding inorganic Xheme Nano Additive to gamma-terpene-releasing organic additives—such as oregano and orange essential oils—reduces oxidation without degradation, can be incorporated into packages, and will not transfer to protected materials.

These findings are important for understanding the mechanism of antioxidant activity of nanomaterials and for future practical exploitation of the potential antioxidant activity of essential oils. This invention has many technological applications, such as reducing under-oxidation

atmosphere varnish and paint, avoid rubber off, and protect oil and food from rancid or spoiled. Patents for joint technologies for polymers, resins, plastics, and packaging materials have been filed for: #17/664,253 and #17/817,858.

Presentation Details

First International Conference on Antioxidants, 10-12 May 2023

Barcelona, ​​Spain

Title: Pro-aromatic terpenes from essential oils: natural strategies to enhance the radical scavenging activity of antioxidants and nanomaterials

Author: Riccardo Amorati, PhD, Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry “G. Ciamician” at the University of Bologna, and Kumar Challa, PhD, President & Chief Scientific Officer of Xheme, Inc.

Session Types and Pathways: Session 3, Part II – Natural and Synthetic Antioxidants: Sources, Analysis, and Mechanism of Action

Session Date & Time: Friday, 12 May 2023 at 12.00 CET

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