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AFRL Publishes Broad BAA to Solicit Quantum Research Proposals with $500 Million Potential Funding


The US Air Force Research Laboratory/Information Directorate (AFRL) is expected to have $500 million in anticipated funding over a five-year period to support quantum research in five focus areas including:

  • Quantum Algorithms and Computing
  • Quantum Information Processing
  • Memory-Node-Base Quantum Network
  • Heterogeneous Quantum Platform
  • Quantum Information Science

This new application is described in the government’s recently issued Broad Agency Announcement (BAA). They will create multiple awards with expected individual awards typically ranging from $500k to $27 million in funding with the potential to make awards as high as $99.9 million. The timeframe for individual projects should not exceed 36 months.

The first step to receiving funding is to submit 2-4 white papers including title, contact information, cost estimate, task objectives and a technical summary and proposed deliverables. There is a recommended annual deadline for submitting white papers based on the fiscal year. The next recommended deadline is September 30, 2023 for FY24. Upon receipt of the white paper, AFRL will review it to:

  • Overall scientific and technical benefits
  • Relevant experience, openness, maturity, and assurance of solutions,
  • Reasonability and realism of proposed fees and costs

White papers found to be consistent with the area of ​​research interest and expected results will be invited to submit a complete technical and cost proposal for funding consideration.

For those interested in submitting the white paper, you can download BAA FA8750-23-S-7001 with all the relevant terms and conditions from the SAM.gov website. Here.

May 5, 2023


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