New shops approaching: DJI drones are about to take off in Munich & Oberhausen

Ubstadt-Weiher, May 4, 2023 – Drone friends in the south and west of the republic can be happy: Two DJI stores opened this year in Munich and Oberhausen. DJI drone enthusiasts have been making pilgrimages to Frankfurt am Main since 2017. Since then, the world’s first DJI shop in the MyZeil shopping center has been supplying drone lovers with high-quality cameras, action cameras and gimbals. German sales partner Solectric has also selected popular metropolises for stores number two and three. In Munich, a new DJI pilgrimage site is being built in the Olympia shopping center. A new landing site will soon open at Westfield Centro Oberhausen for DJI fans in the Ruhr area.

The German market is in an excellent position for Solectric as DJI’s largest sales partner in Europe. The models of the world’s leading manufacturers of drone cameras have long been known and popular in Germany.

With Europe’s first DJI store in Frankfurt am Main, Solectric has been exploring new sales channels since 2017. Compared to online shopping, the in-store selling experience adds another dimension. Customers can touch the model on location and try it out for themselves. Trained staff will also help answer questions.

That is why Solectric is expanding this sales channel with further store openings. “We have established DJI as a brand in Germany in the past through our online presence and various sponsorship activities, such as with Rock am Ring,” emphasized Olaf Kappler, Managing Director at Solectric. “DJI stores in major cities in central locations are a logical next step to inspire new buyers for DJI drones, action cameras and gimbals.”

Therefore, Solectric is now targeting the Munich metropolitan area and the Ruhr area. In addition to the latest DJI products, the future store in Centro Oberhausen will also offer high-quality cameras from Hasselblad. Pure DJI store under construction in Munich. New sales outlets will be opened in the second half of this year.

However, 2023 will not stop with two new openings. Drone enthusiasts in other parts of the republic can be happy. Because Solectric will expand the network with additional DJI stores this year.

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