Quantum Computing

planqc Awarded €29 Million ($31.9M USD) Contract to Install Quantum Computers at German Aerospace Center (DLR)


Quantum computers will be built using planqc neutral atom-based technology over the next 3.5 years and will have 100 qubits or more. Help planqc with this project will include Menlo Systems and ParityQC who will provide critical components for the laser system and software architecture. This award is one of several awards that DLR has made for the procurement of various types of quantum computers. As of October 2022, DLR awards contracts of €208.5 Million ($208 million USD) for five subprojects involving various types of ion trap-based quantum computers. Like several other projects, planqc will have a dedicated laboratory and office space at the DLR Innovation Center in Ulm. Additional information about this award can be found in the press release posted on the planqc website Here and another press release (in German) on the DLR website Here.

May 5, 2023


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