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A Match Made in Austin: How the Supermoon United Near Builders.


How NEAR HOME by Supermoons A Hit Among Creators: Podcasts, Roundtables, and Endless Collaborations.

NEAR HOME CONSENSUS is back, leaving the NEMKAT community buzzing with excitement over the special “Stay Together, Build Together” experience brought to you by Supermoon. Supermoon brings together 20 builders and founders from around the world for 5 days of building, networking and collaborating. What is it about NEAR HOME by Supermoon that makes it so special to the NEAR HOME community?

Some say it’s the NEAR Builders Breakfasts that get everyone fired up and ready to take on the day. Others might highlight interviews and podcasts with stay-at-home builders, where guests share their personal journeys and accomplishments while building at NEAR. And don’t forget special events like the NEAR BBQ which brought together the builders, the NEAR core team, and Illia Polosukhin.

Supermoon co-founder Elena Obukhova always says “it’s all about people, not places or activities”. It’s not just group activities that make NEAR HOUSE AUSTIN so memorable. It is the builders and collaborative spirit that lead every aspect of this activation. For example, attendees had the opportunity to participate in a mini hacking session with Keypom, and a roundtable discussion with NDC focused on decentralized Near governance and how the Near Digital Collective would work.

Among the special guests of NEAR HOUSE are Near Social, Keypom, Near Korea, Near SF, Tenamint, AVM Finance, Orderly Network, and others.

The NEAR HOUSE ETH Denver community has heard about NEAR HOUSE ETH Denver as builders have had the opportunity to participate in it. This time Supermoon went even bigger, organizing its production house “Supermoon Station” where guests, Near, and the Supermoon community can come for a series of insightful podcasts, media activities, and networking events. It’s clear that NEAR HOUSE AUSTIN left a lasting impression on attendees and the wider DEKAT community.

Supermoon will announce upcoming NEAR HOME activities at other locations throughout the year aimed at bringing more builders and founders to NEAR and facilitating innovation and growth of the NEAR ecosystem.

Supermoon would like to say a special thanks to Near, The Banyan Collectiveand Cameron Dennis personally for their support and other community-focused initiatives that drive development and collaboration within the Near ecosystem.

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