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Australian Government Launches National Quantum Strategy

The Australian government has released its National Quantum Strategy after much discussion with members of the Australian quantum community and others. This strategy is guided by the following vision:

By 2030, Australia is recognized as a leader in the global quantum industry, and quantum technology is an integral part of a prosperous, just and inclusive Australia.

Australia believes quantum will be a great opportunity for the country and has a target to create 8,700 new jobs in an AUS$2.2 billion ($1.5 billion USD) industry by 2030 and continue to grow and generate 19,400 jobs in AUS$6 billion ($4 billion) ). USD) by 2045. To achieve this, they have developed a country quantum strategy around six key themes:

  1. Creating thriving research and development, investment and use of quantum technology
  2. Secure access to critical quantum infrastructure and materials
  3. Build a skilled and thriving quantum workforce
  4. Ensuring our standards and framework support the national interest
  5. Building a trusted, ethical and inclusive quantum ecosystem

To follow up on these themes, the National Quantum Strategy document details the action items to be implemented for each of these themes. In addition, the Australian government this year created a $15 billion National Reconstruction Fund (NRF) to support, diversify and transform Australian industries. Within this fund, AUS$1 billion ($675 million USD) will be used to develop critical technologies and build capabilities in areas such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, robotics and software development.

For more information about Australia’s National Quantum Strategy, you can read the introduction to the effort on the Australian government website Here and you can download the full 51 page document Here.

May 6, 2023


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