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IBM’s 400+ Qubit Osprey Processors Now Live for Access


IBM Seattle Processor topology map (Osprey r1). Dark blue dots indicate operational qubits, light purple dots denote non-operational qubits.

IBM announced their Osprey 433 qubit processor last November as part of their IBM Quantum Summit and indicated that it would be available to members of the IBM Quantum Network in a few months. They have now released this machine to users in what IBM calls a “Roam” state. The early machine of this family was called IBM_Seattle. This particular processor has 413 of the 433 qubits working due to some physical issue in the cable. Early qubit quality metrics don’t show any improvement over previous 127 and 27 qubit devices, but that achievement isn’t the goal for this particular version they’re calling the Osprey r1. Later revisions of the Osprey family, such as the Osprey r2, which they tested internally, will incorporate some of the advances they found with later revisions of the 127 qubit Eagle family with some performance improvements. Additional information about this IBM_Seattle processor release is available in a LinkedIn post from IBM Fellow and VP IBM Quantum Jay Gambetta Here along with device calibration data posted on the IBM Quantum website Here.

May 9, 2023


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