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LightSolver Announces Laser-Based Processing Unit

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  • Israeli startups LightSolver today launched its first pure laser-based processing unit (LPU).
  • The quantum-inspired solution uses an all-optical coupled laser that requires no electronics to compute.
  • LightSolver has published many papers demonstrating the performance and accuracy of its all-optical approach.

PRESS RELEASE — Israeli startup LightSolver today launched its first pure laser-based processing unit (LPU), a new computing paradigm poised to surpass and surpass quantum and supercomputers. This quantum-inspired solution uses an all-optical combined laser that requires no electronics to compute, allowing it to be as small as a traditional desktop computer while offering unparalleled scalability, low power requirements and room temperature operation. In addition, it is built from well-understood laser technology and commercially available components. LightSolver is available to today’s businesses as software as a service (SaaS), providing solutions to optimization problems that were previously considered unsolvable once a certain number of variables were exceeded.

Today’s business requires innovative optimization solutions capable of solving complex multivariable challenges, including financial portfolio and trade optimization, real-time logistics and supply chain management, and complex material design. Although quantum and supercomputers were invented to solve such problems, supercomputers seem to have reached their computational limits, and quantum computers are not yet scalable and practical. Both options also often require a very large investment of time, money, space, effort and resources.

LightSolver is a revolutionary step in the field of high-performance computing. Similar to GPUs outpacing CPU performance, LightSolver’s LPUs can outperform today’s most powerful classic supercomputers. This technology harnesses the natural properties of light to break the physical boundaries of electronics, outperform traditional supercomputers and provide solutions to complex problems with greater speed, accuracy and scalability.

“Solving complex (NP-hard) optimization problems requires large amounts of computing power, but by leveraging LightSolver laser technology, businesses can solve them easily, surpassing current performance in areas such as logistics, finance, and manufacturing,” said LightSolver CEO and co-author of founder Ruti Ben Shlomi, Ph.D. “With LightSolver, optimization problems can be solved at the speed of light, orders of magnitude faster than the alternative.”

LPU LightSolver is a unique invention that innovatively exploits the ability of lasers to interrupt and thereby fulfills all constraints of a given problem instantly. It works by converting a mathematical representation of a business problem into a physical logic formulation, then mapping these specific formulations into “bottlenecks” in the optical path in which the laser operates. Due to the nature of the laser wave and proprietary mapping, the laser beam converges into the desired solution. The solution is then measured and translated back into the user’s business language.

LightSolver has proven the performance and accuracy of its all-optical approach in several published papers:

  • In a head to head challengeLightSolver achieves 2X-1,000X faster Time-to-Solution (TTS) to solve Max-2-SAT problems compared to leading deep learning solvers.

  • Take on “3-XORSAT Regular 3-Challenge,” LightSolver solves problems in polynomial time, while all other advanced classical and quantum computers solve them in exponential time.

  • LightSolver developed a quantum-inspired algorithm for sparse coding which results in more accurate estimates than classical approximation methods.

“LightSolver solves difficult optimization problems by translating business challenges into mathematical formulations, such as the Ising model; however, it has the flexibility to implement other types of models that are not necessarily binary,” said LightSolver CTO and co-founder Chene Tradonsky, Ph.D. “Unlike quantum, our device is portable, operates at room temperature, and does not suffer from environmental sensitivities or require error correction protocols. Additionally, LightSolver is built entirely with commercially available components and can scale significantly without increasing device size.”

For more information on how to get started with LightSolver today, please visit https://lightsolver.com/.

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