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Abu Dhabi Quantum Research Center Gets Access to Amazon Bracket


The Abu Dhabi Quantum Research Center at the Institute for Technological Innovation (QRC-TII) has a new research agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to explore applications of quantum computing. As part of the agreement, QRC-TTI will have access to the quantum processors available in Amazon Braket as well as AWS High Performance Computing (HPC) classical computing resources. AWS will provide a spending match for the next three years of all eligible projects using the service and provide workshops, classes, and other support to help QRC-TTI researchers get up to speed. AWS will also help connect local AWS enterprise customers with TII teams to help enable collaboration for end user applications. This announcement follows a similar announcement made between IonQ and QRC-TII that we reported on last month. The news release provided by the Technology Innovation Institute announcing this agreement is accessible Here.

May 10, 2023


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