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(Consensus 2023) SAO Network: “The essence of Web3 is data ownership in a decentralized network”

CEO Blake Simpson: “Approaching the essence of Web3 through self-purification of the cryptocurrency industry”.

(Source from CoinDesk Korea,

Recently at Austin, Consensus 2023 on April 26-28, reporter Seon So-mi(선소미 기자) from CoinDesk Korea had an exclusive interview with SAO Network. One of the keywords that CoinDesk Korea pays attention to in the “2023 Consensus” is “Cryptocurrency, Go to Basic”. They look at the self-purification movement that has taken place in the cryptocurrency industry since last year’s shocking Terra-Luna incident and the collapse of FTX.

The big difference between Web3 and Web2 is who owns the data. Within the Web3 ecosystem, individuals can control and manage information based on the right to self-determination. It is possible to exercise data rights without the intervention of intermediaries or central controllers.

SAO Network, which is building a Web3 data storage network, said in an interview with held at Consensus 2023 on April 29 (local time) that the recent self-purification of the cryptocurrency (virtual asset) industry is expected to occur. be an opportunity to approach the essence of the market again.

“Web3 is still in its early stages, and if we are patient with our long-term vision, we can potentially build a sustainable and reliable Web3 ecosystem,” said SAO Network CEO Blake Simpson. He continued, “In recent years, there have been various initiatives and movements within the blockchain industry to improve the areas of transparency, accountability and security.”

CEO Simpson said, “The role of blockchain technology is to store and transmit information and value, and has the advantage that data is distributed, secure and transparently managed. It has the potential to transform various industries, such as finance, healthcare, and supply chain management, etc.”

“Decentralization is important in the Web3 ecosystem,” he said, “to reduce the influence and dependence of central authorities.”

Ethan Zhao, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), emphasized, “The SAO Network aims to provide a decentralized storage infrastructure. To this end, it will improve data accessibility, support high data availability, unlimited hot data storage, and data privacy.”

“It is important to provide a permissionless open storage network for all Web3 participants and decentralized applications.” “We will make it possible to access data efficiently.” “To this end, we have integrated with the IPFS protocol to ensure that the data stored on the SAO network is decentralized and secure,” he added.

SAO Network is one of the decentralized storage infrastructure for Web3. It provides a decentralized storage protocol based on Cosmos SDK and IPFS to increase Web3 data storage adoption and facilitate ecosystem applications.

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