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Quantum Bridge Receives $890,000 CAD ($700K USD) Grant for Quantum Repeater Development


The funds come from Canadian National Research Council (NRC) Quantum Sensor Challenge. program. based in Toronto Quantum Bridge is developing an all-photonic quantum repeater that will help enable quantum entanglement to be communicated over long distances in fiber-optic cables. Currently, the limitation for long-distance quantum communications is the signal degradation that occurs in photons as they travel through fiber-optic cables. In classical communications, telecommunications companies use classical photonic repeaters that can measure the signal and then repeat it to the next link in the chain. However, such classical devices do not work in quantum due to fundamental principles of quantum mechanics such as the No Cloning theorem. So special quantum repeater devices need to be developed that use a technique called Entanglement Swapping. Research for this type of device is still in its early stages and Quantum Bridge is one of the early groups working on such a device. The news release announcing this funding can be accessed Here.

May 11, 2023


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