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Quantum Brilliance Reached Reseller Agreement for their Qristal Software Suite with Singapore-based PTC


Quantum Brilliance are an Australian provider of room temperature diamond quantum accelerators and also provide their own software development kit called Qristal SDK and high performance emulator called Crystal Emulator. They have reached an agreement with PTC Systems (S) Pte Ltd is an organization specializing in providing enterprise data management solutions and services to enterprise customers for the resale of their software products to customers in Asia. PTC is also a distributor of NVIDIA’s DGX platform and customers will be able to purchase the Qristal Emulator together with NVIDIA DGX to achieve high-performance quantum simulations on-premises without requiring cloud access. Earlier this year, Quantum Brilliance released a version of their Qristal software that supports NVIDIA’s CUDA Quantum software. In addition, Quantum Brilliance also announced the opening of an office in Singapore and will create a Quantum Software Excellence Center there. You can access the news release from Quantum Brilliance with this announcement Here.

May 11, 2023


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