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Agnostiq Delivers Advanced Computing Resources via Commercial Covalent Cloud


By Carolyn Mathas

Based in Toronto Agnostic, Inc. launched Covalent Cloud, the commercial version of the previous flagship Covalent open source workflow orchestration platform. Covalent Cloud addresses the growing demand for powerful, advanced computing capabilities and the lack of legacy tools and their inability to meet the needs of today’s Python-based developer ecosystem.

Developed to meet the unique challenges of high-performance and quantum computing at scale, Covalent Cloud will provide a simple, easy-to-use interface for accessing an increasingly diverse and complex hardware landscape.

Covalent Cloud delivers fully managed, on-demand, serverless high-performance computing (HPC) and quantum computing resources that engineers can deploy without being experts in hardware infrastructure or operations. The platform delivers speed and meets time-to-market requirements, addressing all operational complexities so the focus can remain on building the solution and making it production-ready, while keeping costs down. This eliminates a lot of time spent setting up and managing infrastructure, instead of concentrating on their core business objectives. Hardware vendors that integrate with Covalent Cloud can immediately open up their platform to a global user base.

Covalent Cloud allows users to iterate across hardware types. Users can swap or swap computing resources without disrupting end-user workflow and can migrate from on-premises HPC to cloud-based HPC while bridging multiple computing modalities in an intuitive and easy way. The interface allows access to all of the customer’s computing resources, whether on-premises or in private or public clouds. This allows end users to take advantage of on-demand access to advanced computing resources such as QPUs, CPUs, and GPUs in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Agnostiq incorporates customer feedback into its new platform. “Covalent Cloud is the only platform of its kind that is commercially available,” said Oktay Goktas, CEO of Agnostiq. “We work with several companies, from early-stage startups to large corporations and get their input into the platform. before releasing Covalent Cloud to general availability.”

Platform users can prototype, build, and scale complex and compute-heavy applications for optimization, simulation, machine learning, and quantum computing cost-effectively. Experience Covalent Cloud by requesting a demo Here. To request access to Covalent Cloud, contact contact@agnostiq.ai.

For more information about Covalent, you can check out the news release released by Agnostic Here and a web page for the software located at Agnostic website.

May 16, 2023


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