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Bitcoin’s Value Becomes More Clear When People Realize Banks are Risky, Says Macro Guru Lyn Alden


After the recent collapse of several regional banks, renowned macro guru Lyn Alden insists that Bitcoin’s (BTC) unique value proposition is finally gaining recognition among the masses. Alden, speaking at the recent MicroStrategy World Panel Session, highlighted that Americans are gradually realizing the inherent risks associated with traditional banking, an awareness the rest of the world has long understood.

Alden underscores that many people take for granted a concept that eludes a large portion of the global population—the risks inherent in banks, especially for those whose deposits exceed certain insurance limits. He explained that when we deposit funds in a bank, we are essentially lending them money to invest in various assets, most of which remain private to the public. Unfortunately, the average person is unable to study the assets of the bank they are entrusting their money with, even if they wanted to do so.

This ongoing banking crisis, according to Alden, serves as an eye-opener for many investors who are now realizing the true value of Bitcoin. Macro experts outline some of Bitcoin’s fundamental properties that make it an attractive store of wealth. He emphasized the ability to take care of one’s own assets, guarding against dilution and eliminating dependence on other people’s responsibilities. Alden believes that this intrinsic quality of Bitcoin’s rise to prominence is a direct result of the financial turmoil that has occurred.

As a result, the narrative around Bitcoin becomes even more important in light of the above issues. As people witness the universal risks inherent in the banking system, the concept of Bitcoin’s value proposition, such as having an asset that is immune to dilution and avoiding counterparty risk, is gaining traction. Individuals are starting to appreciate the benefits of the decentralized and self-governing form of wealth storage that Bitcoin offers.

In conclusion, the collapse of several regional banks has sparked awareness among individuals about the vulnerabilities of the traditional banking system. Lyn Alden, a respected macro expert, argues that the crisis has shed light on Bitcoin’s distinct advantage, with its ability to serve as a safe store of wealth. As the narrative strengthens, more and more individuals are recognizing the unique value proposition that Bitcoin offers, including the ability to maintain full control of their assets and reduce the risks associated with traditional banking.


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