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NSF Engines Program Awarded $2 Million to Develop Quantum Ecosystems in Connecticut and Northern Intermountain State (MT, WY, ID)

That NSF Engine Development Award program was passed last year in the US CHIPS and Science Act and is a program designed to transform cutting-edge research into new technologies that create jobs and drive economic growth. NSF recently announced two planning awards of $1 million each for the development of quantum technologies and ecosystems in two US geographic areas. The first was submitted to the University of Connecticut to develop a formal proposal to establish Connecticut as a regional center for quantum-related research, technology, and work. A second planning grant was awarded to Montana State University for a similar purpose in a region including the US states of Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. Connecticut already has significant quantum activity with academic research at the University of Connecticut and Yale and commercial development at startup Quantum Circuits Inc. and other big companies. The North Intermountain countries have several commercial companies involved with quantum technologies that are highly relevant to quantum supply chains. These include Montana Instruments, Teledyne FLIR, Cylynt, Quantel, AdvR, Wavelength Electronics, Micron, and Qubitekk. Additional information is available in the National Science Foundation’s Regional Innovation Machine program overview Hereaward abstract for a Connecticut grant Hereanother award abstract for a Montana/Wyoming/Idaho grant Hereand a press release from Yale University with additional information about the Connecticut grant Here.

May 16, 2023


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