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Sparrow Quantum Receives 31 Million Danish Kroner ($4.5M USD) in Initial Funding

Quantum Sparrow, located in Copenhagen Denmark, is a provider of single photon components for quantum applications and technologies. The company is a spin-off of the Niels Bohr Institute’s Quantum Photonics Lab in Copenhagen, Denmark. The funding, which is by far the largest in a Danish quantum firm, is being led by a venture capital firm 2xN with the additional participation of LIFTT And European Innovation Council (EIC). The current product is a high-performance single photon source that can generate a stream of photons at a rate of 20 million per second. It is made by a 3mm x 3mm InAs/GaAS chip which has a quantum dot structure embedded in a photonic crystal waveguide. These devices can be used in photonic quantum computers as well as in the quantum internet. News release from Sparrow Quantum announcing funding is accessible Here.

May 16, 2023


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